Fundraiser for the Mansonville Round Barn Restoration

Funding for the restoration of our Round Barn is rapidly progressing. To date, the Municipality and the Potton Municipal Volunteer Group (GBMP) has raised $150 000 from public and private sources, and new grant applications are underway. The GBMP now call on all citizens and businesses to contribute as urgent work is required. A donation form is available here.

The Round Barn can be used as an exhibition center and a place for cultural and community activities. This project is part of the action plan of “Cœurs Villageois” and will contribute to the revitalization of the village by increasing tourism.

A short video on the Round Barn is available here.

Several great prizes will be drawn on October 14th for those who donate $100 and over, for a total value of prizes nearly $3 000, including a Thermomix Food Processor and relaxation packages at SPA Eastman.

The Municipality and Potton Municipal Volunteer Group (GBMP) thank you for your generosity!

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