Potton, it’s a hoot !

We are honoured to offer you glimpse into the Municipality of the Township of Potton. With an impressive 264 km2 in size and an equal amount of impressive features, Potton is one of the most prominent areas in the Memphrémagog region. Potton is bordered on the east by Lake Memphrémagog, on the west by the Sutton Mountains, and on the south by Vermont and the American Border.

The majestic North- Missisquoi river runs through our territory in a north to south direction offering a valley surrounded by mountains. Potton is home to several mountains with the most important being Owl’s Head with its panoramic views that will surely take your breath away whether it be during the Fall with the foliage or the summer with its impressive view of the lake. In Potton we find several hamlets; Dunkin, Highwater, Knowlton Landing, Vale Perkins and Mansonville.

Mansonville is the place that brings a widely diverse and lively community together. The village contains the basic public and institutional services along with several businesses with the most important being the Owl’s Head tourist area. The local economy can also count on the presence of a few industrial and forestry enterprises along with numerous small businesses. Do not miss an opportunity to visit Potton. The beauty of the territory and the warm welcome of the residents along with all the essential services, gives this area a quality of life greatly sought after!

grange ronde

Hôtel de ville de Potton

2 Rue de Vale Perkins, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada
Constitution and administrative information

Year the Township of Potton was created: 1797
Date of constitution Municipality of the Township of Potton: July 1, 1855
Administrative region: Estrie
Federal electoral district: Brome-Missisquoi
Provincial electoral district: Brome-Missisquoi MRC Memphremagog, changed to Orford in 2012


Permanent population in 2011: 1849 (Statistics Canada)
Seasonal population (secondary residences): between 2000 and 2500 people
Total population in 2011: more than 4000 people
Number of residential properties in 2017 : 1830
Name of inhabitants: Pottoneer

Prior to 1870, the population was primarily Anglophone. Since then the arrival of several French Canadian families, mostly from Dorchester and Beauce Counties, brought a lively francophone presence to the area. Today biculturalism is a part of everyday life in Potton as is multiculturalism as more than twenty different nationalities co-exist in the Township of Potton.

Visual identity and slogan

The Municipality used its coat of arms before adopting the following logo in 2017:

logo potton

Here is its meaning:

  • The shape of a barn represents the agricultural heritage that is found throughout the territory, with a reference to the round barn.
  • The summit of the barn, the three green points and the blue point represent the five main mountains of Potton (Singer, Owl’s Head, Bear, Sugar Loaf and Peavey).
  • The green lines symbolize the spectacular nature and mountainous terrain. The blue triangle evokes community, lakes and rivers.
  • The colors represent: nature (green), richness of our agricultural heritage (ocher), lakes, rivers and community (blue).

Slogan : Potton, It’s a hoot !

Municipal coat of arms

Designed by the Federal Heraldic Service, it was chosen as the town’s official emblem in 1992. The 5 peaks at the bottom represent the 5 main mountains in Potton while the wavy lines its many waterways; Potton’s bright future is seen in the sun; the crown symbolizes Quebec and Canada.

The Coat of Arms also includes our covered bridge and a deer over the crown to remind us of the presence of this beautiful animal in our surroundings.

Its motto, submitted by Mr. Ovide Avaarma is:

“More than any other place, this place has s smile for me.”

armoiries de potton

logo potton

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