The Round Barn

The Mansonville Round Barn

The Mansonville Round Barn is an inspiring piece of unique architecture, and a heritage landmark that enhances the natural beauty surrounding it. The century-old barn is a priceless community asset because only seven remain in the Eastern Townships, and no other is located in a town!

Although still majestik in her beauty, her structural condition needs attention. The barn remains temporarily closed for security reasons.

However, on the outside, the Round Barn Plaza comes alive every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the Mansonville public market.

 Photo title of the page taken by Geraldine Vincent

grange ronde
Round Barn Restoration Project

For several years, the Potton Municipal Volunteer Group (GBMP) has been working hard to find the financial resources to restore the round barn. The Barn had to close in the summer of 2017. After having multiplied the administrative and representation procedures with the citizens and the governmental authorities, the GBMP’s efforts paid off. Today, the group has managed to obtain almost all the necessary funding to carry out the restoration project of the Round Barn!

 Photo taken by Edith Smeesters

Link to the barn promotional video that was used for the fundraising campaigns (In French only)

Press releases and Newsletters

June 2018: Newsletter about the Round Barn restoration Project
July 2018: Destination Owl’s Head donates 10000 $ to the Round Barn Fund
July 2018: Press Release by the GBMP about Destination Owl’s Head donation
August 2018: Canadian Heritage Ministry awards $ 210,000 grant for the Round Barn
October 2018: The building site for the restoration of the Mansonville Round Barn will open on Wednesday, October 17th

grange ronde
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