Restoration of the Round Barn

It is expected that the building site for the restoration of the Mansonville Round Barn will open on Wednesday, October 17th.

The Municipality of the Township of Potton launched, at the end of September, a first call for tenders for the management of the barn restoration project by invitation to four companies, including three local; none had answered.

The Municipality has therefore launched a second call for tenders, with slightly modified conditions, by invitation to the same four companies. Only Gespoc inc. then submitted a bid, which was accepted by City Council at a special meeting held on October 9th.

Gespoc inc., an Eastman firm, will manage the project to restore the Round Barn and monitor the building site. Let us recall that Gespoc participated in the project from the beginning, in particular by producing the first estimates of the project costs with the architect Michel Bastien, in 2012. The various grant applications prepared by the Round Barn Committee were based on these estimates .

The call for tenders process for subcontractors is underway, led by the Municipality with the help of Gespoc inc. Local contractors are solicited first.

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