The Township of Potton and Aventures Owl’s Head receive $ 1.3 M from the Government of Québec

MNA for Orford, Mr. Pierre Reid announced an investment of more than $ 1.3 million for two projects to be carried out in Potton:

  • A project by Aventures Owl’s Head, to develop a 46.5-kilometre trail in three phases, which will include a skills park, a multifunctional linking trail to the marina and a cross-country course. In addition, this trail will be used for hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. The project will be completed with a maximum of $ 760,742 in financial assistance.


  • A Municipal project was granted to build a permanent roof over the ice-rink, equipped with a lighting system, a multifunctional concrete surface and new rink bands. This represents a maximum investment of up to $ 603,586.


For the mayor of Potton Township, Mr. Jacques Marcoux, this is excellent news:

“The project to build a roof over the ice rink has been on the wish list for many residents for several decades. Citizens will now be able to enjoy a year-round, multifunctional space that will host as many sporting activities as community events. “

Mr. Pierre Reid, MNA for Orford, Mr. Jacques Marcoux, Mayor of the Township of Potton and Mr. Nicolas Taillfer from Aventures Mont Owl’s Head

Click here to read the official press release (in French only)


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