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What's New?

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The third group of Katimavik volunteers has arrived and will be with us until the month of June 2012. We wish them a pleasant stay in our community. Here are their names and place of residence.

Shirley Lee, Toronto, Ontario

Kianna Zivny, Surrey, BC

Daniella Quilty, Salmon Arm' BC

Rachel Wonnek, Winnipeg, MB

Thomas McMullin, Glace Bay, NS

Ian Bodimeade, Ridgeville, ON

Michelle Lefebvre, Edmonton, AB

Christopher Brechin, Abbotsford, BC

Karina Visser, Toronto, ON

Andrew William Johnston, Carman, MB

Alexander Kelman, St. George, ON

Thimothé Lamoureux (Chef de groupe, Group Leader), Montreal/Gaspé. QC

The new group of Katimavik volunteers has arrived. They will be with us from July to December 2011. Here are there names and geographical origins. We wish them a warm welcome.

Mikael Bagshaw; Prince Ruppert, BC
Danielle Bateman, Lincoln; NB
Clara Bradley, Victoria, BC
Chelsey Buote, Dieppe, NB
Danyka Byrnes, Chelmsford, ON
Katherine Dzbik, Winnipeg, MB
Michael Gardenits, St-Albert, AB
Andrew Liehman, Thamesford, ON
Jaelynn Matheson, Lethbridge, AB
Garrett Morrison, Penetanguishene, ON
Colby Smith, Armstrong, BC

The group leader is Francis Gendron.

On January 6, the Katimavik participants arrived in Potton. They were officially greeted during a pot luck supper held with representatives of the different organizations for which they will be working. Over 60 people attended this successful evening organized by Trish Wood, the Potton community organizer. You may view a few pictures of the evening at the following link.

On this page,we will be providing information regarding Katimavik on a regular basis.

Here are the names and residence of the Katimavik group members.

Callum Code, Ottawa, Ontario
Cyprien Tack, Toronto, Ontario
Elise Belanger, Peace River, Alberta
Jilian Biswanger, Calgary, Alberta
Josephine Ravel, Toronto Ontario,
Kaitlyn Adams, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Kevin Randlett, St-Claude, Québec Agent de projet/Group Leader
Laura Farley, Calgary, Alberta
Logan Buchanan, Campbell River, B.C.
McKenzie Muller-Germann, Kitchener, Ontario
Sean Murray, Whitehorse, Yukon Territories
Sunil Singal, Burnaby, B.C.

Here is the list of the organizations to which the participants contribute.

Participant   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday 
 Sunil  Reilly House  Idem  Idem  Potton Heritage Association  Reilly House
 Kaitlyn  Reilly House  Idem  Idem  Idem  Idem
 Cyprien  Austin  Idem  Idem  Idem  Idem
 Laura  Elementary School  Idem  Idem  Ken Jones  Elementary School
 Logan  Elementary School  Idem  Idem  Idem  Missisquoi North Project
 Josephine  École du Baluchon  Idem  Idem  Ken Jones  Youth Centre
 Callum  Bolton East  Idem  Idem  Idem  Idem
 Jillian  Les petits pieds de Potton  Idem  Idem  Idem  Idem
 Élyse  Potton Sports and Leisure  Idem  Idem  Idem  Idem
 Sean  Potton Environment Committee  Austin  Missisquoi North Project  Youth Centre  Youth Centre
 McKenzie  Dixville Foundation  Idem  Idem  Bolton East   Bolton East

Reilly House = Our community centre
Potton Heritage Association = Our local heritage association
Austin = Neighboring municipality of Austin
Elementary School = Mansonville Elementary School
Ken Jones = Centre offering services to special needs people
Missisquoi North Projet = A shared recreational and touristic project between the municipalities of Eastman, Bolton East, St-Étienne de Bolton and Potton
École du Baluchon = Our french school
Bolton East = Neighboring municipality of Bolton East
Les petits pieds de Potton = Our child care drop in
Potton Sports and Leisure = a Potton municipal service
Potton Environment Committee = a consultative municipal committee
Dixvile Foundation = an organization providing services to individuals with an intellectual disability or a pervasive development disorder.


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