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Memphremagog MRC

What's New?

The role of the MRC

A brief reminder ...

On November 6, 1979, the Government of Quebec adopted Bill 125 which decreed the creation of the MRCs (Municipalités régionales de comté). Unlike the old county corporations which only  included rural municipalities, MRCs are composed of all municipalities of the same belonging. On September 23, 1981 the Quebec government officially approved the creation of the Memphremagog MRC.


Under existing laws, the MRC assumes the following responsibilities:

  • it maintains a development plan applicable to the whole of its territory;
  • it updates the development plan on or before the fifth anniversary of the entry into force of the first first or the last revised plan;
  • it ensures that local municipal plans ad bylaws are consistent with its development plan;
  • it examines the appropriateness of certain public works in light of the development plan or complementary documents;
  • it prepares the assessment rolls of local municipalities governed by the Municipal Code;
  • it sells property with unpaid taxes;
  • it manages rivers under its jurisdiction.
Administration of the MRC

The MRC is  administered by a council composed of the mayor of each local municipality that is part of the MRC and other representatives mentioned in the decree of incorporation.

The Prefect

The prefect is the Chairman of the MRC. He is elected by secret ballot by the mayors who compose the council. The mandate of the prefect lasts two years and he remains in office until the election of a new prefect.

The deputy prefect

The Council shall appoint from among its members, a deputy prefect, who, in the absence of the prefect or while the office is vacant, shall perform the duties of prefect. The deputy prefect is chosen among the mayors.

Sources of funding of MRC

The funding sources for the MRC are twofold: member municipalities and the Quebec government.


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