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What's New?

Administrative services

Administrative services include the following:

  • The general management  responsible for planning , organizing and coordinating all municipal services
  • Implementing and following up on municipal projects and programs
  • Managing municipal activities and resources
  • Managing human resources
  • Managing finances
  • Communicating with citizens as well as political and administrative representatives
  • Secretariat, legal services, follow up to council meetings and other legal requirements
  • Archives and pubic access to documents
  • Follow up on complaints
  • Municipal elections
  • Municipal employees

Municipal Employees

A team of employees, under the supervision of the Director General, applies the municipal bylaws and ensures the prudent management of financial resources.

The team of employees providing services to the Potton citizens and taxpayers follow:


Director general: Mr Thierry Roger (ext. 223)
Administrative assistant: Mrs Claudette Lamothe-Laplume (ext. 222)
Accounting clerk: Mrs Jocelyne Ryan (ext. 227)
Secretary-Receptionist: Mrs Claire Alger (ext. 221)

Permits, inspection and town planning

Urbanist: Mr Hughes Thivierge (poste 233)
Building and environment inspector: Mrs Marie-Claude Lamy (ext. 224)
Building and environment inspector: Mr Pierre Nadeau (ext. 226)


Environment specialist: Mrs Alexandra Leclerc (est 229) 

Road and public works

Road inspector: Mr Ronney Korman (ext. 225)
Road and public spaces worker: Mr Martin Caron (ext. 240)
Janitor: Mr Yvon Dostie

Management of sewer and waterworks: Aquatech Inc.

Fire Services

Fire Chief: Mr Francis Marcoux

Firemen and First responders

Mr Béchart, Alex: Fireman and First Responder
Mr Caron, Martin: Fireman
Mr Coté, Bruno: Fireman
Mr Daigle, Ghyslain: Fireman
Mr. Ducharme, Jonathan: Trainee
Ms Fafard, Anik: First Responder
Mr Giroux, Jean-François: Lieutenant and First Responder
Mr Guilbault, Arthur: Fireman
Mr Hamilton' Jeremy: Fireman
Mr Korman, Ronney: Assistant Director and Fireman
Mr Laplume, Denis: Fireman
Mr Laplume, Mathieu: Fireman and First Responder
Mr Laplume, Michael: Trainee
Mr Laplume, Pierre-Luc: Trainee
Mr Laplume, Réjean: Fireman
Mr Lavoie, Martin: Fireman
Mr Marcoux, Franky Jr: Lieutenant and First Responder
Mr Marcoux, Marcel: Fireman and First Responder
Mr Marcoux, Patrick:Lieutenant and First Responder
Mr McCoy, Keven: Fireman
Mr Néron, Réjean: Fireman
Mr Ouellette, Vincent: Fireman
Mrs Pouliot, Lydia: Fireman
Mr Pouliot, Shawn: Lieutenant and First Responder
Mr Robillard, Pierre: Fireman
Mr Rodrigue, Christian: Fireman and First Responder
Mr Stogowski, Alexis: Fireman
Mr Tomuschat, Ernest: Captain and Fireman
Ms Viens, Suzanne: First Responder

 Culture and leisure

Library: Mrs Chelsea Boisvert (ext. 232)
Recreation: Mrs Trish Wood (ext. 228)

Many seasonal workers are hired for the following areas:

  • the Eco-centre
  • Vale Perkins wharf
  • Vale Perkins beach
  • Summer camp
  • Septic tanks control program
  • Care of public spaces
Please consult the public notices section for job offers.

See also: Code of Conduct


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