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Strategic Development Plan

Potton 2010-2013

 Desired Outcome
Increase economic activity
Job creation
Revitalize the economy and aesthetics of the village
Create a revitalization committee and implement its recommendations
Enhance and complete recreational facilities
Encourage local purchasing
Facilitate community activities
    Seek economic growth Revive the economic committee and implement the recommendations adopted by council
    Take advantage of our uniqueness
Complete the Missisquoi North development project.
Capitalize on the complementarity of Owl's Head, the Green Mountains Natural Reserve and the Ruiter Valley Land Trust
Promote the round barn, the covered bridge, our buildings, environment and archeological heritage
    Develop a recreational policy
Recognize recreo-tourism as the motor of the local economy
Create a Potton tourist circuit
    Develop a cultural policy Encourage micro-agriculture and wood transformation by incentives
Create an agro-forest committee and implement its recommendations
    Develop our agricultural and forestry sectors
Encourage microagriculture and wood transformation by incentives
Create an agro-forest committee and implement its recommendations

Attract and retain youth
Increase the permanent population
Create a family policy Mandate an expert to recommend a family policy
Seek the merging of the two schools
Brand our uniqueness
Associate our living environment with a positive image
Create a municipal promotional policy
Mandate an expert to help position the municipality as an attractive destination
Improve our quality of life Make our living environment more attractive Tap into governmental programs Become a member of "Le réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé"
Participate in the Elderly Friendly Program
Implement sustainable development projects recommended by the Environmentj  Committee
Develop a closer relationship with "Le Centre de santé et services sociaux du Memphrémagog"
Bring together the citizens and the municipality Improve citizen perception of the municipality Intensify communications, facilitate relations with the citizens Make the municipal website a complete source of information
Intensify communications with the citizens
Give priority to serving citizens by a variety of means


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