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What's New?

The Record-October2013-Big fundraising

The Record-October2013-Bread

The Record-October2013-Info session entrepreneurship

The Record-August2013-Busy Saturday

The Record-August2013-Keys to success

The Record-August2013-Coloring book

The Record-June2013-Youth honoured

The Record-June2013-Public Market Opening

The Record-June2013-Justin Hines 1

The Record-June2013-Justin Hines 2

The Record-June2013-Standing stones 1

The Record-June2013-Standing stones 2

The Record-May2013-Neighbor's Day

The Record-May2013-Volunteers Recognition

The Record-April2013-Jardins de la montagne

The Record-April2013-Coates

The Record-April2013-Running

The Record-April2013-Sunshine1

The Record-April2013-Sunshine2

The Record-March2013-Smeesters

The Record-March2013-Lalonde

The REcord-February2013-SADD Coffee House

The Record-February2013-JuniorSADD

The Record-February-Auction1 

 The Record-February-Auction2

 The Record-February2013-Putting on gloves 1

  The Record-February2013-Putting on gloves 2

 The Record-February213-Silent Auction

Boys Indoor Soccer

The Record-Feb2013-Winterfest

The Record-Jan13-Garden talks

The Record-Jan13-Special Olympics

The Record-Jan13-MEBailey

The Record-Jan13-CPR

The Record-Jan13-Potton Artists

The Record-Jan12-Everything seed

The Record-Dec12-Drop In

The Record-Dec12-Fire Dept

The Record-Dec12-Fish&Game

The Record-Dec12-Kitchen Baluchon

The Record-Dec12-Martel1

The Record-Dec12-Martel2

The Record-Winter2012-Christmas Party 1

The Record-Winter2010-Christmas party

The Record-Winter2012-SQ basket

The Record-Fall2012-Midnight madness

The Record-Fall2012-Super Hiro

The Record-Fall2012-Medals

The Record-Fall2012-Barber

The Record-Fall2012-Hines1

The Record-Fall2012-Hines2

The Record-Fall2012-CAB and seniors

The Record-Fall2012-Writing1

The Record-Fall2012-Writing2

The Record-Fall2012-Reilly House

The Record-Fall2012-Sadd

The Record-Fall2012-Afterschool

The Record-Fall2012-Round barn

The Record-Summer12-Firefighters1

The Record-Summer12-Firefighters2

The Record-Summer12-Share

The Record-Summer12-Thanks

The Record-Summer12-Wish for a cure

The Record-Summer12-Wilf Carter 1

The Record-Summer12-Wilf Carter 2

The Record-Summer12-Volunteer Centre

The Record-Summer12-Reilly House Museum

The Record-Summer12-Providing Services 1

The Record-Summer12-Providing Services 2

The Record-Summer12-Potton Summer Camp

The Record-Summer12-Multicultural Festival 1

The Record-Summer12-Multicultural Festival 2

The Record-Summer12-Post Office

The Record-Summer12-Boisvert 1

The Record-Summer12-Boisvert 2

The Record-Summer12-Giroux Family

The Record-June2012-Community Development Meeting

The Record-June2012-End of year

The Record-June2012-FYI

The Record-June2012-Seeds

The Record-June2012-Winner

The Record-June2012-ThreeR's

The Record-June2012-BrulotteRuiz1

The Record-June2012-BrulotteRuiz2

The Record-June2012-Prom1

The Record-June2012-Prom2

The Record-June 2012-Marché Richelieu

The Record-June2012-First responders 1

The Record-June2012-First responders 2

The Record-June2012-Neighbour's Day

The Record-June2012-Open mic

The Record-June2012-Bottle drive

The Record-May2012-Country living

The Record-May2012-Rifle1

The Record-May2012-Rifle2

The Record-May2012-Jardins montagne 1

The Record-May2012-Jardins montagne 2

The Record-May2012-Why do we do it?

The Record-May2012-Collecting bottles

The Record-May2012-Coffee House

The Record-May2012-How old are you?

The record-May2012-Proud as a peacock

The Record-May2012-Dreams

The Record-May2012-Seniors

The Record-April2012-Future 1

The Record-April 2012-Future 2

The Record-April2012-Tremblay

The Record-April2012-Sugar bush

The Record-April2012-Volunteers

The Record-April2012-Mareuge

The Record-April2012-Summer fun

The Record-April2012-Katimavik cuts

The Record-April2012-Mad Dog

The Record-April2012-Small business

The Record-April 2012-Gillanders

The Record-April2012-Reilly

The Record-March2012-Nilan

Thye Record-March2012-Drugs

The Record-March2012-Cultural

The Record-March2012-MES

The Record-Mars2012-Referendum

The Record-March2012-Income tax

The Record-March2012-Top speed

The Record-March2012-Env Specialist

The Record-March2012-Do you hear 1

The Record-March2012-Do you hear 2

The Record-March2012-Day Care

The Record-March2012-Supper-auction

The Record-March 2012-Owl's Bread

Le Reflet-Fev2012-Journée carrière

The Record-Feb2012-Garden

The Record-Feb2012-CEDEC

The Record-Feb2012-Cruellest1

The Record-Feb2012-Cruellest2

The Record-Feb2012-Lamoureux

The Record-Feb2012-Hatley

The record-Feb2012-Leader

The Record-Feb2012-winterfest

The Record-Feb2012-90years

The Record-Feb2012-Amazing people

The Record-Feb2012-Coffee House 1

The Record-Feb2012-Career Day 1

The Record-Feb2012-Career Day 2

The Record-Feb2012-Festival of Hearts

The Record-Jan2012-Giroux1

The Record-Jan2012-Giroux2

The Record-Jan2012-Yougogirl

The Record-Jan2012-Optimist1

The Record-Jan2012-Optimist2

The Record-Jan2012-Youth

The Record-Jan2012-Katimavik

The Record-Jan2012-Raising spirits

The Record-Dec2011-Book Club

The Record-Dec2011-Sensitizing

The Record-Dec2011-Dawes

The Record-Dec2011-SADDQPP

The Record-Dec2011-Volunteers 1

The Record-Dec2011-Volunteers 2

The Record-Dec2011-Katimavik

The Record-Nov2011-Rememberance Day

The Record-Nov2011-Ken Jones

The Record-Nov2011-Remembering

The Record-Nov2011-Nexkemia

The Record-Nov2011-Halloween1

The Record-Nov2011-Halloween2

The Record-Nov2011-Rockathon

The Record-Oct2011-K.Tracy1

The Record-Oct2011-K.Tracy2

The Record-Oct2011-Safety online

The Record-October2011-website

The Record-Oct2011-Imagine1

The Record-Oct2011-Imagine2

The Record-Oct2011-ALS1

The Record-Oct2011-ALS2

The Record-Oct2011-Bolsius

Radio-Canada and SADD

The Record-Sep2011-Pilates

The Record-Sep 2011-K&T

The Record-Sep 2011-Roger Marcoux 1

The Record-Sep 2011-Roger Marcoux 2

The Record-Sep 2011-Turn it off

The Record-Sep 2011-Penny

The Record-August 2011-Festival

The Record-August 2011-S.Lake

Le Reflet-Juil2011-Katimavik

Le Reflet-July2011-Tour des Arts

The Record-July2011-Sweet sound

The Record-July2011-Tournament

The Record-July2011-Seed to plate

The Record-July2011-RH cover

The Record-July2011-Reilly House

The Record-July2011-Katimavik cover

The Record-July2011-Katimavik

The Record-June2011-Grampa Tom

The Record-June2011-Train des mots

The Record-June2011-Talent1

The Record-June2011-Talent2

The Record-Juin2011-Celebrating

The Gazette-Farmer's market-June 2011

The Record-June2011-Composting

The Record-June2011-CBC

The Record-June2011-Friends1

The Record-June2011-Friends2

The Record - May 2011- Young leaders

The Record - May 2011- Run

The Record- May 2011- cooks

The Record-May 2011-baxter

The Record-May2011-Big Summer

The Record, May 2011, Plant a seed

The Record, May 2011, Meunier

The Record, May 2011, Princess

The Record, May 2011, Talented youth

The Record, May 2011, watchdog

The Record, May 2011, Mayor

Le Guide- Avril 2011- MPL

The Record, April 2011, Volunteers

Vox de l'Est-April 2011-MPL

The Record, April 2011, Come together

The Record, April 2011, Wendy

The Record, April 2011, Potton Residence

The Record, April 2011, Turning

The Record, April 2011, Move

The Record, April 2011, Enter

The Record, March 2011, Katimavik

The Record, March 2011, Boys

The Record, March 2011, Going, going,gone

The Record, March 2011, Play ball 1

The Record, March 2011, Play ball 2

The Record, March 2011, MNYC

The Record, March 2011, Joy of helping

The Record, March 2011, Teaching

The Record, March 2011, Part of the team

The Record, March 2011, Rescue at Owl's Head

The Record, March 2011, Rural mail, part 1

The Record, March 2011, Rural mail, part 2

The Record, March 2011, Pump up the fun

Mayor's Radio Interview, March 2011

The Record, March 2011, Potton Heritage Association

Record, March 2011, Winterfest, part 1

The Record, March 2011, Winterfest, part 2

The Record, February 2011, Hairdressers, part 1

The Record, February 2011, Hairdressers, part 2

The Record, February 2011, The Potton Library

The Record, February 2011, The Reilly House

Présidence CLD, Janvier 2011, Le Reflet du lac

Le Reflet- Mois formation et emploi- Feb 2011

The Record, Volunteer, February 2011

The Record, First Responders (part 1), February 2011

The Record, First responders (part 2), February 2011

The Record, Field Worker, February 2011

Radio Canada Estrie, Magali Paquette, February 2011


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