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Town Council

What's New?

The Municipal Council is composed of the mayor and of six (6) councillors :


Mr. Louis Pierre Veillon: or 450-292-3313


  • Mr André Ducharme, #1: 450-292-5012
  • Mrs Diane Rypinski Marcoux, #2: 450-292-5817
  • Mr Michel Daigneault, #3:
  • Mrs Edith Smeesters, #4:
  • Mr Pierre Pouliot, #5: 450-292-3611
  • Mr Michael Laplume, #6:

strategic plan adopted by the Council

The Council recently adopted a "Strategic Plan for Potton 2014-2017" (available in French only)

Plan stratégique pour Potton 2014-2017 Plan stratégique pour Potton 2014-2017 (51 KB)

Fields of Competence for 2014:

The mayor has a part and a say in all fields of competence of the Municipality. He is responsible for the supervision of all affairs and projects. He sits as the Municipality's representative at the MRC level and is involved in certain regional committees. The mayor also has certain decisional powers stated in the municipal Code which he may exercise outside Council meetings. 

Councillors' principal responsibilities consist in attending Council meetings in order to represent the interest of citizens and in order to participate in the decision making process. Councillors have a power to decide only during Council meetings, by attending. During such sessions, Councillors are obligated to vote on each proposal unless they declare that they cannot because of a conflict of interest. Councillors can be nominated to sit on commissions and committees created by the Council. They can be made in charge of certain matters where research and reflextion are required in order to facilitate the decision making process. However, recommendations from these commissions and committees must invariably be submitted to Council for a decision to be taken.

As is the case every year, the assignment of responsibilities among the members of Council is done in January. Each Councillor has been named to a specific area of activity as the representative of the Municipal Council.


Agriculture and Forestry

André Ducharme

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Diane Marcoux Rypinski

Public Security (civil and fire prevention)

Michel Daigneault


Edith Smeesters

Economic Development

Michael Laplume

Durable development (environment, economy and social life)

Edith Smeesters

Green Mountains Natural Reserve              

Louis Pierre Veillon

Household waste and recyclables

Edith Smeesters and André Ducharme

Missisquoi North development

Edith Smeesters


Louis Pierre Veillon, Pierre Pouliot and Diane Marcoux Rypinski

Road and hygiene infrastructures

Michel Daigneault

Recreation, youth parks and green spaces

Pierre Pouliot

Taxes and Finances

Louis Pierre Veillon, Michel Daigneault and Pierre Pouliot 

Urban Planning and Inspection

Michel Daigneault and Diane Rypinski Marcoux

See also Committees and Code of ethics


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