Celebrate with your neighbours and send us your pictures of June 3rd!

On June 3rd, Neighbours’ Day will take place, presented  by Espace MUNI. Neighbors’ Day encourages citizens to get together on the first Saturday of June. The Municipality of the Township of Potton is pleased to encourage its population and local organizations to organize a festive activity to bring their neighbours together. The goal is to encourage bonds of solidarity between neighbours on its territory and thus act in favour of the vitality of its living environment.

The concept is simple: it is the citizens themselves who organize a party in their image. Whether it’s a happy hour, a sports activity or a meal, this celebration will allow people from the same area to develop ties with each other, welcome new citizens, encourage mutual aid and bring a greater sense of security.

*We want your Neighbours’ Day memories! Submit photos of your neighbourhood gathering that capture the spirit of Neighbours’ Day and we’ll post them on our platforms.

You can register your party on the Espace MUNI website at (*In French). This will allow you to have access to free promotional tools. Your municipality also has bilingual postcards available at Town Hall to invite your neighbours.

Have fun organizing!

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