Drinking Water

Water analysis of private wells

Procedure for water analysis of private wells 2018

  • Call Groupe Environex at 1-877-977-1220 to place your order.
  • Indicate the analysis you want, mentioning the agreement established with the Municipality of the Township of Potton :
    o Microbiological (including total coliforms and E. coli as well as enterococci) : $ 55 + taxes
    o 1-3 metals (a choice) : $ 35 + taxes
    o Shipping included
  • Pay in advance with credit card directly to Group Environex.
  • You will received a cooler with containers from the Group Environex shipping department, at the indicated address of your choice.
  • Take the samples by following the instructions and proceedures found in the cooler.
  • Complete the form and include your email address to ensure you receive your results.
  • Send your samples via the transport service within the required time.
    o You will find a return wiegh bill slip included in the cooler for you to use to ship your sample back.
    o To plan your sample pick-up, contact the shipper the day before or early in the morning.
    o The shelf life of microbiological analyzes is 48h. It is therefore important to ship the samples the same day they are collected.
Rainwater recovery barrels

The MRC Memphrémagog finances the purchase of domestic composters.
For more information, visit this link. (In French only)

Québec's strategy to save drinking water

In response to the commitment of 49 of the National Water Policy, Quebec adopted the Drinking Water Saving Strategy. This is part of the global context of tighter policies on water, in a perspective of integrated management and sustainable development.

Quebec is one of the largest consumers of water in the world. In 2006, the drinking water production was 35% higher than the Canadian average and 62% higher than Ontario. The volume of water distributed was 795 liters per person per day, while the Canadian average was 591 and that of Ontario was 491.

The strategy objectives for 2018:

  • Reduce by at least 20% the average amount of water distributed per person in Quebec compared to 2001
  • Reduce leakage rates for all water systems to a maximum of 20% of the volume of water distributed and a maximum of 15 cubic meters per day per kilometer of networks

Starting in 2012, municipalities must:

  • Produce a status report and an action plan, including a list of proposed water-saving measures and adopt regulations on drinking water;
  • Produce a report on the use of water, measure the water supply and, if necessary, implement a detection and repair program for leaks;
  • Report annually on water management to city council.

If targets are not met, municipalities must:

  • Install water meters in the non-residential sector;
  • Introduce appropriate pricing after consultation with the municipal sector.

To calculate how much water you use at home and for water saving tips:


Annual drinking water quality reviews

Annual drinking water quality reviews for Mansonville and Owl’s Head are available at City Hall upon request.

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