Hydro-Québec is requesting the cooperation of Potton citizens

To improve the quality of basic electricity service, Hydro-Québec will be conducting major vegetation control work in the Potton area in 2019.

Weather events are increasingly frequent and have a direct impact on the number of outages and service restoration times. In strong winds, violent rainstorms, snowstorms or freezing rain, a tree or even just a branch falling on a power line can cause a power outage. The denser the vegetation and the closer it is to the power system, the higher the risk of an outage and the more challenging it becomes for Hydro-Québec crews to intervene.

In an effort to make the electrical system less vulnerable and ensure public safety, Hydro-Québec, with the support of the city of Potton, will undertake sustained vegetation control measures involving pruning branches near the electrical system and cutting down trees that could cause outages.

Before cutting down the trees that are considered dangerous, Hydro-Québec must obtain permission from the affected landowners. Over the past few months, a Hydro-Québec forestry technician has contacted landowners in the area of the MAN 233 line (see maps on reverse) concerning this matter. In the coming months, the authorization requests will continue with regard to landowners in the area of the MAN 234 line. Hydro-Québec is counting on your cooperation to ensure the success of this work, which is crucial to improving service quality.

Safety advice
Hydro-Québec would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the risks associated with tree pruning or felling near power lines. The law even requires some work to be done by arborists authorized by Hydro-Québec. That’s why we encourage you to visit Hydro-Québec’s Web site BEFORE thinking about doing this kind of work yourself:

Before planting a tree near the electricity system, we recommend that you use the Choose the Right Tree or Shrub tool on Hydro-Québec’s Web site. It will help you verify if the species or variety respects the safe planting distance from a medium-voltage line or help you choose one that will suit the planting space available:

For any questions regarding these activities, please contact Hydro-Québec:
Info-Project line: 1 877 653-1139

MAN 233 Line
MAN 234 Line

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