Map of projects and works

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Map of projects and works

City Hall Building

Mansonville Hotel De Ville, Rue de Vale Perkins, Mansonville, QC, Canada

The Municipality has mandated the Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités (FQM) in the evaluation and diagnosis of buildings it owns. This is the desired vision for municipal offices.

The City Hall building will be revamped to make it more functional. Staff will be able to benefit from more adequate spaces, which will improve the quality of services offered to citizens. Some details we can mention here:
1. relocation of the library to the ground floor (potentially in the fire station space when the fire station is built)
2. redevelopment of the reception, administrative offices of the different teams
3. centralization of all services under the same roof, therefore relocation of the tourist office, the leisure department, communications and project management
4. potential relocation of the Council Room from the 2nd floor to another building (Saint-Cajetan church)

Joseph-Blanchet housing project

Rue Joseph Blanchet, Mansonville, QC, Canada

In order to develop an offer for potential owners wishing to establish themselves in the village of Mansonville, the Municipality acquired land at the beginning of 2023. The land surveying and subdivision will have to be planned. Subsequently, infrastructure planning (aqueduct and sewer) will be put forward. The first construction could see the light of day in 2025 if all goes well. Of course, the municipal vision here is to attract young families since the lots will be at affordable prices.

Knowlton Landing Wharf

Quai de Knowlton-Landing, Chemin de Knowlton-Landing, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Potton's two municipal wharves are important tourist attractions for visitors or users of Lake Memphremagog.

The Knowlton Landing wharf is a place of tranquility where many tourists come to admire the landscape. What's more, the Knowlton Landing Sailing Club anchors several sailboats there each year and this adds to the summer decor.
This wharf is not a priority of the Municipality at the moment and little time is devoted to it by the staff. It is planned to carry out a study on this wharf to better understand the steps to renovate it and especially what services to bring there in order to enhance it. An external firm will be mandated to draw up a clear picture of the situation.

Missisquoi North River Park

364 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada

An important hub in the Township of Potton, the Missisquoi North River Park, André-Gagnon sector, saw its transformation begin with the construction of the multifunctional shelter in 2020. Since then, projects have continued to be implemented with diversified services and a vision of offering quality sustainable infrastructures to the population while developing the park as an attractive hub.

Other projects are almost completed, under construction or will be launched in the coming months.
1. Ice rink refrigeration
2. Rehabilitation of the access road running alongside the service building
3. Secondary parking adjacent to the multifunctional shelter and spaces for people with reduced mobility
4. Purchase of a new Zamboni brand resurfacer
5. Repairing the baseball field
6. Wind control measures under the shelter

Municipal and private roads

Chemin Bombardier, Mansonville, QC, Canada

With a vision of offering citizens quality road infrastructures, the Municipality chooses to invest in its public roads.

Since the advent of the PIIRL (Local Road Infrastructure Intervention Plan), a project lead by the MRC, aimed to upgrade certain public roads, Potton has invested several hundred thousand dollars. During the Covid-19 pandemic, generous subsidies also made it possible to improve these same investments. The Municipality intends to continue maintaining and upgrading its public roads.

It will also keep being open to requests from citizens wishing to municipalize their private roads.

Chemin Bombardier (public road)
A study is commissioned to see what it would cost to upgrade this thoroughfare which leads to a residential area. The EXP firm is mandated to carry out this work.

Chemin des Chevreuils (public road)
A study is commissioned to see what it would cost to upgrade this road leading to the Owl's Head mountain and which crosses a residential area. The numerous recent constructions have prematurely deteriorated the surface. The EXP firm is mandated to carry out this work.

Chemin des Racons-Laveurs (potentially municipal road, currently private)
A study is commissioned to see what it would cost to bring it up to standard and therefore build a currently private road. The EXP firm is mandated to carry out this work.

Municipal garage and Ecocenter

Écocentre Potton, Chemin West Hill, Mansonville, QC, Canada

The Municipality has mandated the Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités (FQM) in the evaluation and diagnosis of its buildings. Here is the vision for the Ecocenter and municipal garage located on West Hill.

With regard to these infrastructures, the recommended direction is to move the Ecocenter to another location in order to allow the expansion of the municipal garage for the various parks and public works equipment and also to provide the Municipality with spaces for storage. Since this stage will be one of the last to be carried out after that of the fire station and municipal offices, for example, there are few additional details at this point.

Place de la Grange-Ronde

Grange ronde de Mansonville, Rue Joseph Blanchet, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Renovations to the Mansonville Round Barn were carried out in 2019. But this was not just a single phase of work. The building also had to have its roof redone as well as interior design work resulting from the use that would be given to the space. The Municipality has decided to hold temporary exhibitions and various activities there. It has been determined that the work inside the barn is less extensive than originally anticipated.

A request is currently being analyzed by Canadian Heritage for a potential grant of nearly $400,000 to develop the barn, the full cost of which is estimated at $800,000. Another request will have to be made to other programs to fill the financial package.

In addition, the vision that the Municipality advocates for the Place de la Grange-Ronde (i.e. the land where the barn is located) is to dedicate it to culture and heritage. Development plans by the landscape architect firm NaturEden have been completed. The Municipality is seeking financial support to implement this project.

River trails

15 Rue Mill, Mansonville, QC, Canada

For a long time, Potton citizens and tourists have used the trail along the west bank of the Missisquoi-Nord River. This trail connects the Vale Perkins Road bridge to the Ducharme grocery store. Currently undeveloped, this trail has strong development potential. The Municipality is therefore toying with the idea of developing the existing path. This would constitute phase 1 of the river trails project. In phase 2, Missisquoi-Nord Park would be connected to the Boright development by erecting a footbridge spanning the river.
The municipal vision of this project is to put in place infrastructure aimed at leisure and sport for the community as well as to develop its tourist attraction.

St-Cajetan church building

324 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada

This building is now under the ownership of the Municipality. It is and will be used as a community space. The place of worship on the upper floor will be maintained there for a minimum period of 10 years and a maximum of 15 years. The spaces will be arranged in such a way that the population can use them for all types of activities, for example:
1. yoga/pilates
2. songs/music
3. dance
4. visual arts
5. various community activities
6. community kitchen
7. and much more

For spring 2024, the Municipality plans to install an elevator to improve the universal accessibility of the building. A study of the building was carried out by the FQM in 2022. A health check is underway in order to understand the actions to take to improve the spaces.

Telephones, archiving and overhaul of regulations

2 Rue de Vale Perkins, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Three internal projects will allow staff to offer increased service to the citizens of Potton.

1) Telephony is a very short project which was set up in the summer of 2023. The fleet of telephone devices was changed and allowed the Municipality to move to superior technology. We now have better management and transfer of calls and messages, in addition to benefiting from financial savings over three years.

2) Archiving is also an important file which has been pushed from budget to budget and which the Municipality has opted to maintain in 2023. In order to better serve citizens, this process is currently in phase 1 (summer-fall 2023) . It was decided to start with the permit and town planning archives. It will continue with the administration archives in 2024 and the other departments thereafter. It is estimated that the work will be done over three or four financial years.

3) The overhaul of the regulations will also be an important issue when the revised land use planning and development plan is accepted by the provincial government. Concordances allowing citizens to better find their way will allow staff to have fewer interventions with contractors since the online information will be up to date.

Trails around the golf

Owl's Head Golf Club, Chemin Owls Head, Mansonville, QC, Canada

With a vision of offering the community quality infrastructure for leisure activities and sports, the Municipality wishes to develop the trails around the Owl's Head golf course. The trails have belonged to the Municipality since 2021.
That year, during the process of creating the park fund, an agreement was reached with Destination Owl's Head (DOH)*. The transfer of trails bordering the golf course in the OH sector was part of this.

Moreover, the winter trails around the golf course, inaugurated in January 2023, got off to a strong start while cross-country skiing and snowshoeing were offered to citizens and tourists until March. The Municipality is working to develop these multidisciplinary trails so that they can be used all year round.

*Details of the agreement between Potton and DOH: click here. 

Vale Perkins Wharf

Potton Quai Vale Perkins, Chemin George-R.-Jewett, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Like the Knowlton Landing wharf, the Municipality wishes to carry out a health check of the Vale Perkins wharf, which is heavily used in the summer season.
Work to repair the access road and dredging was completed in July 2023. Unfortunately, difficulties in working with the Ministry of the Environment meant that the Municipality spent $168,123 to remove the sediment for ensure the safety of its users. However, this withdrawal proved ineffective and must be repeated.
The firm FNX-Innov was mandated to carry out the evaluation of the wharf.

Water and pond network

2 Rue de Vale Perkins, Mansonville, QC, Canada

With the development that Potton has experienced in recent years, it is undoubtedly very important to maintain the water and sewer infrastructure in the best possible condition and also to ensure that the capacity remains adequate for the ever-growing population.

In this sense, drinking water, for both networks (village and OH), must above all be guaranteed in a long-term vision. Staff work regularly on monitoring the quality and quantity of drinking water sources.

Furthermore, wastewater is also a concern for the administrative team. Still linked to population growth, it is essential to ensure that the treatment of this wastewater is done in compliance with provincial standards before release into the environment. Here again, both the quality and quantity of discharges are elements to which attention is paid.

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