Map of shops and attractions

Abenaki Waterway Sculpture

364, route de Mansonville, Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Inaugurated on October 1, 2017 at the Parc André-Gagnon in Mansonville, this sculpture, signed Daniel Haché, is a tribute to the Missisquoi River and the Abenaki who inhabited the area. The sculpture ‘Abenaki Waterway’ represents an Abenaki portaging with his canoe. Bolton-East artist Daniel Haché wanted to emphasize the important contribution of the Abenakis to the region, while highlighting the Missisquoi River that runs alongside André-Gagnon Park. The sculpture « Abenaki Waterway » means : - 80 full-time working days - 2 trunks of poplars 3 feet in diameter - 1 ton of steel

Ajustage mécanique CDG

8 Chemin West Hill, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Almut Ellinghaus

107 Chemin Ruiter Brook, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada

My sculptures are reflections on a woman's life: ponderings embodied in gesture, intent caught in movement. A fold in the clay might remind me of how it felt to stretch out on a meadow... I follow that fold, create that stretch, until a "Being" "looks back at me" and vibrates with it. I work in stoneware clay fired in a gas fired kiln, creating unique pieces that give character to a home or a garden. Some of my pieces can stay outside year round. Come and visit me at the Ruiter Brook Pottery from May to September.

André Labranche

651, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

André Marcoux et Fils

25, rue Joseph Blanchet Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Api M.D. Farm

390, route 243 Mansonville Québec J0E 1X0
Come and get your honey and blueberries right on the farm! Non-pasteurized honey available in several flavors. Products inspired by nature, bees and our gardens: pollen, candles in beeswax, soaps, herbs. Sale and picking of highbush raspberries and blueberries (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers).

Ariel Bétancourt - Independent Univera Associate

639, route de Mansonville, Mansonville J0E1X0
Whether you're 20 or 120, Univera's life changing products help you to be and feel like the best version of you!
Superior natural products.
Developed with solid science and produced with exacting quality standards.
Powered by Nature. Perfected by Univera.
Backed by a 90-day Product Guarantee.

Aux champs Mère-Terre

35, chemin Fontaine Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0

New berries have arrived in Quebec, and we are proud to be among the first producers of camerise (haskaps) and aronia (chokeberries)

Pick-your-own located in the mountains. Come surprise your taste buds with these small fruits known as the fruits of longevity, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and more. Enhance your recipes and dazzle your guests!

U-pick of haskaps will start around June 20, 2020 and that of aronia will start around August 15, 2020.  The location will be open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sale of fresh and processed products on site. Please visit the Facebook page for the exact dates and the state of maturity of the fruits.

Aux Mille Hostas

635, route de Mansonville Mansonville Québec J0E 1X0

Come visit the largest collection of hostas in Canada: over 2100 different hostas, mini, small, medium, big and giant, blue, yellow, green and yellow, blue and white and white.

Open from Saturday, May 11th to Saturday, August 31st, from Thursday to Saturday and from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Outside these dates, please make an appointment, we will welcome you with pleasure!

Benedict Waters Ing.

35 Chemin des Parulines, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Boucle d'Or Hair Salon

297, rue Principale, Mansonville QC

Boucle d'Or Hair Salon is back in Mansonville! Salon Boucle D'or - Jennifer Sherrer Hair, Esthetics, Massage & Energy Treatments

Boulangerie Owl's Bread

299-A, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Bakery, Caterer, Pastry, Prepared Food

Boutique Wax

308, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Camping Havre des Îles

10, chemin du Mimosa Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
At the foot of Mount Pevee, on the shores of the winding Missisquoi River, Havre des Îles campground invites you to relax and rejuvenate on one of our spacious and very private camping sites. The campground is spread over 81 acres of enchanting countryside, typical of the Eastern Townships, with its’ valleys, mountains and scenic woodland settings. You’ll marvel at the crystal clear lake, the river with its’ charming little islands, the open fields and the pleasantly cool woods with their magnificent falls and babbling brooks. Havre des Îles Campground: a peaceful and refined atmosphere.

Camping Nature Plein Air

CAMPING CARREFOUR DES CAMPEURS 2733, de la Vallée Missisquoi Highwater QC J0E 1X0
The Camping Nature Plein Air is made up of 150 sites spread over 80 acres of woodland and bordering the Missisquoi River. Chalet, yurt, 2 and 3 services and rustic camping. Activities and facilities for the whole family and for all tastes! The calmness of nature and the simplicity of our activities will provide our visitors with a relaxing and accessible outdoor experience. Course of 7, 10 and 17 km in calm water. School groups and companies are welcome. .

Canada Post

9, rue Vale Perkins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Carrier House

Bed & Breakfast

317, rue Principale, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0

Room rate per night:
Lili $72.50
Victoria $72.50
Ève $82.45
Halley $ 89.24

We also have a workshop / art gallery in the garden.

Centre d'Action Bénévole de la Missisquoi-Nord (CAB)

314-B, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Centre Ken Jones

282, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Chalet des cèdres

3 Chemin des Cèdres, Mansonville, QC, Canada
Cottage for rent

Cheryl Clinton Veillon

238, chemin de Vale Perkins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Ever since I can remember I have been impassioned and fascinated by art, fashion, jewellery design & semi precious stones. My journey into jewellery design started with 3 years of Silver Smith courses at the Visual Arts Center in Montreal. Through word of mouth, my Blog and shows held throughout Canada I have managed to successfully build a small business. Upon realizing that my creative “hobby” had the potential of becoming so much more I traveled to Australia and Thailand to broaden my knowledge of people’ unique ethnic design. This trip became the defining moment in my life as a jewellery designer. I was enthralled and hugely inspired by antique silver pieces, eclectic semi precious stones, handmade silver components from all over the world: Thailand, Afghanistan, India & China to name a few. Each piece that I create is an exclusive design with its unique story about its source of inspiration along with the “healing properties” of the stones (just for fun and or interest).My vision is to create and design unique jewellery that is “wearable art” inspired by the person’s individuality and personality My Recently my designs and I were chosen as the “Feature Fashion Story” which aired 3 times on “Entertainment Spotlight” CTV/CFCF 12 I have recently moved from the city and now live in Mansonville. I am working on a Facebook page where I can post photos and dialogue with people, I am also in the midst of setting up an atelier in our home. I also offer remodelling and restringing of old, tired or broken pieces: necklaces and bracelets.

Christian Rodrigue - Mica Capital

297, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Financial Services, Income Tax, Insurance, Investments

Clinique de Massothérapie Mansonville

Potton, Qc
Therapeutic massage (myofacial release) and relaxation (Sweedish and volcanic stone massage).

Clôtures Laplume 2014

17, rue Belair Mansonville QC J0E 1X0


314, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Construction Gaston Bombardier

63, chemin Bombardier Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Cabinet Maker, General and Specialized Contractors

Construction Laplume

77, chemin Peabody Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Construction and general contractors, foundations, renovation

Construction Larry Ethier

7 chemin Messier, Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0
Construction Foundations General and Specialized Contractors Renovation Mike Ethier: 819 679-1614

Construction Wax inc.

11 chemin des montagnards, Mansonville Qc, J0E1X0
Construction and general contractors, general and specialized contractors, renovation

Craig Sherrer

2591 de la Vallée Missisquoi Dunkin QC J0E 1X0
Auto mechanics, automobile (parts and accessories), garages

Craig Skinner

3, Turner Potton QC J0E 1X0


133, chemin Ruiter Brook Dunkin QC J0E 1X0
  • Realization of projects
  • Consultation and site analysis
  • Plantation, pruning and care of trees and shrubs
  • Garden renovation
  • Edible landscaping (herbs, fruits, vegetables, trees)
  • Stone work

Daniel Dufresne


30 Chemin des Mûriers, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Self-taught, my medium is oil painting. I like to work by intuition. I paint from the heart as I believe that my painting will first be seen by people who will pay attention to it. I am inspired by what I feel when I see a subject. What matters to me is the creation, the pleasure of discovering what is revealed under the brush strokes. I let myself be guided by the textures, the shapes and the assembly of the colors to draw a play of shadow and light.

Daniel Fontaine

398 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada

I offer you a varied range of western cedar garden furniture that will allow you to appreciate your green space for years to come. I can also be your accomplice in designing interior furniture for this special little corner.

Denis Marcoux

22, chemin du Mont Bear Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Dépanneur des 13

6-A, rue Vale Perkins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Convenience Store, Movie Rentals

Désourdy Salon Funéraires

4, rue Vale Perkins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Domaine Chalets des Cèdres

3 chemin des Cèdres Mansonville (Québec) J0E 1X0
The "Domaine Chalets des Cèdres" offers 90 acres of peace and comfort in a bucolic area that displays an extensive, well-preserved built heritage of Loyalist influence. The cottages offer the opportunity to relax in a peaceful environment while offering a variety of summer and winter activities. The "Domaine Chalets des Cedres" is located near the American border, in the Municipality of the Township of Potton (Mansonville), only one and a half hours from Montreal.

Edith Dora Rey

Angus Pond Studio

280 Chemin Owls Head, Mansonville, QC, Canada

I paint flora, fauna, landscape +portraits in acrylic, oil and watercolours. Commissions welcome. I’m a Swiss/Canadian floundering to make sense of the world via art in a wonderful studio (the old Perkins Bakery) in beautiful Vale Perkins, between a lake and two mountains. I studied painting at Emily Carr, Vancouver, photography at NSCAD, Halifax, film at Concordia, Montreal, watercolour at the Visual Arts Centre, Montreal. Come visit my studio anytime during the Circuit des Art or when the “ouvert” banner is flying (280 chemin Owl’s Head) or by appointment.

EGH Maintenance, Harton Eric

513 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada
  • Tree felling and pruning
  • Deforestation and land cleaning
  • Selective logging
  • Sale of firewood
  • Aerial work platform rental and service

Electrikal (Alex Laliberté)

619 Route de Mansonville, Canton de Potton QC, J0E 1X0

Entreposage Mansonville

Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Épicerie J. Ducharme Inc.

340, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Euro-Delli du Village

295-A, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Polish specialties Sandwiches, homemade soups to go or to eat on site Open 7 days a week during summer from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eve Milanovic

Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Excavation Julien Pouliot

40, chemin West Hill Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Artificial Lake, Demolition, Excavation, Foundations, Road Construction, Sand, Septic Systems (Installation), Soil and Gravel

Excavation Stanley Mierwinski Inc

21, Jacques Cartier Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Artificial Lake, Bulk Transportation, Construction and General Contractors, Demolition, Excavation, Foundations, General and Specialized Contractors, Road Construction, Sand, Septic Systems (Installation), Snowblowers, Soil and Gravel

Excavation Steve Johnson

163, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Artificial Lake, Demolition, Excavation, Foundations, Road Construction, Sand, Septic Systems (Installation), Soil and Gravel

Excavation Wayne Korman

7, chemin Miltimore Mansonville QC J0E 1x0
Artificial Lake, Demolition, Excavation, Foundations, Road Construction, Sand, Septic Systems (Installation), Soil and Gravel

Ferme Abbondanza - Abbondanza Farm

14, chemin des Pruniers, Dunkin, QC J0E 1X0
Abbondanza Farm is a unique enterprise consisting of a small, very diverse farm and education centre. We grow heirloom varieties of vegetables and ornamental plants sold at the Mansonville  Farmers Market.  In addition we offer a series of workshops on subjects relating to growing your own food and living sustainably.

Finesse Alpaga Ranch

52, chemin Rodrigue Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Mario Roy and Sonia Perron have owned Finesse Alpaga Ranch since 2007, now located in Mansonville, Quebec on 170 acres of property. They purchased their first alpacas in 2007 and now own over 40 double and single registered huacaya alpacas. They have 2 children Julien and Rose, both are 9 years old. Guest what? They are twins! Togerther they share a passion for raising and showing alpacas. There mission is to help breeders by their knowledge and expertise to produce world class alpaca livestock and continue to growth the fiber industry. Guided tour of our alpaca farm for approximately 60 minutes and access to our shop. Price: $ 10 per person + 12 years, $ 5 children under 12 Opening hours for guided tours: From June 1st to October 31st, Saturdays or Sundays by appointment only 450-292-3064

France Grégoire


16 Chemin Racine, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Francine Hemmings Osteopathy

284 Principale, Mansonville, QC, J0E 1X0 

Francine Hemmings Osteopath registered D.O., practice this holistic medicine which re-establishing and maintaining the health and vitality of the patient. During the osteopathic treatment, soft manual techniques are used to mobilise various structures of the body (viscera, fascias, bone structures, etc.) according to the specific needs of each patient.

Monday to Thursday from  9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Occasional Sunday

Garage J.F. Giroux

343, Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Propane Gas,  Tires (Sale and installation),  Gasoline

Ghyslain Daigle

8, chemin du Mont Bear Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Giroux et Giroux Inc

300, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Bird Food, Building Materials, Electrical Supplies, Hardware, Paint (Retailer), Plumbing (Retailer), Snowblowers, Tools (Sale)

Gite Moka & Chocolat B&B

12, rue de Vale Perkins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

The Bed & Breakfast is located at the heart of the village of Mansonville, close to Jay Peak VT.  We are only 5 miles from Owl’s Head Ski & Golf. Our B & B is an 'Ami du Circuit de l'abbaye' - Inaugurated in 2018, this long term walking circuit passes through eight municipalities in the west of the MRC Memphremagog: Austin, Magog, Orford, Eastman, Stukely-Sud, Saint-Etienne-de-Bolton, Bolton-Est, and Potton. During the pandemic, only one (1) room is available (which corresponds to 50% of the rental capacity).  Also, it is necessary to leave the room at least 24 hours without occupation between rental dates, the time to disinfect everything. Continental breakfast (light buffet: fruits, cereals, breads, pastries and/or muffins) will be available for self-service in the dining room.  There will be no more table service to limit contact with the B & B hosts.

Golf Owl's Head

181, chemin Owl's Head Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0
Summer season: 18-hole golf course, golf equipment and golf shop. Dining room for breakfast, lunches and dinners. Reservations recommended.

Gordon Simms

12, des Bécassines Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Graydon Gardner

2602, de la Vallée Missisquoi Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Hiking trails of the Ruiter Valley Land Trust

C.P. 462 Dunkin QC J0E 1X0
The Ruiter Valley Land Trust (RVLT), the first Land Trust to be created in Quebec in 1987, is a charitable conservation organization dedicated to the protection of natural habitats.  The Trust owns over 300 hectares of land in the Ruiter Valley and manages a 30 km network of trails open to the public. To help them protect this nature and maintain the trails, you can make a donation on their web site :

Holy Transfiguration Russian Monastery

83, chemin du Monastère Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0
The Township of Potton is a welcoming place as witnessed by its rich and diverse religious heritage.  Built in a magnificent rural environment, near the border of Quebec and Vermont, the Holy Transfiguration Russian Chapel and Cemetery are magnificent examples of this.    

Jauniaux et Jauniaux

327, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Auto Mechanics, Automobile (Parts and Accessories), Garages, Hydraulic Parts, Tires (Sale and installation), Tools (Sale), Towing

Jewett's General Store

3, George R. Jewett Vale Perkins QC J0E 1X0
Outside of the village of Mansonville, there is but one business housed in a heritage building.   The Jewett’s Store in Vale Perkins was built around 1860 by Charles H. Gordon, and has always had the dual vocation of residence and business. It has been operated as Jewett’s Store since 1944. The building is one of Potton’s well known heritage landmarks and well worth visiting.

Kathryn Lipke

52 Chemin Bombardier, Mansonville, QC, Canada

web site:

My artworks often combine sculpture, experimental photography and video that spans the natural and built worlds, finding connections in the materials and form of each, using their duality to point to the strange suspension of humanity between them. Recent work addresses a range of environmental themes: the scarcity of fresh water, the perils of climate change, and the complex relationship of agriculture, energy and hunger.

KM Landscaping Services

22 Rue Joseph Blanchet, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada


660, chemin Cooledge Knowlton Landing QC J0E 1X0

Accommodation and catering, receptions of all kinds for groups of 50 people or less

La Bouffée d'Air

362, route de Mansonville Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0

La Bouffée d’Air is located at the entrance to the village of Mansonville and is next to André Gagnon Park. Specialist in the rental of sports and outdoor equipment for the whole family: electric bikes, kayaks, canoe, paddle boards and park games (baseball, tennis, pickleball, deck hockey). Dairy bar with local and regional flavors and shop selling kites, pinwheels, flags, games and souvenirs.
Open on week-ends* from May 21st to June 11th, 2022 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Open daily from June 18 to September 5th, 2022 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Open on week-ends* from September 10th to October 10th, 2022 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.
*Open weekdays upon reservation.

Le Magestik, Normand Arsenault

63 chemin Sargent Potton QC J0E 1X0

Les bleuets bio du marquis

236, Chemin West Hill Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
We grow 2,000 highbush blueberries without pesticides or herbicides. On site you will find a rest area with picnic tables under pretty apple trees and you can admire the exceptional lanscape.

Les condos Panorama - The Panorama condos

441, chemin du Panorama Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0
Reservations on line.

Les Entreprises Aljer

165, chemin Ruiter Brook Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Artificial Lake, Demolition, Excavation, Foundations, Road Construction, Sand, Septic Systems (Installation), Soil and Gravel, Firewood

Les Exploitations Forestières de l'Est

19, rue Jacques Cartier Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Les pompages S.L.

39, chemin des Parulines, Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Shane Lyonnais

Lise Felber

103 Traver, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0
Lise Felber provides professional exterior & interior design for your dwelling and furniture. She also specializes in fine finishing painting for interiors. (ie: Kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings)

Manon Bombardier


58 Chemin Bombardier, Mansonville, QC, Canada
Site Web de la :  
Site extérieur en été 

Marcel Marcoux Inc

337, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Bird Food, Chainsaws, Feed, Fertilizer, Pet Food, Snowblowers, Tires (Sale and installation), Tool Rental, Tools (Rental and Sale), Tools (Sale), Towing, Water Pumps

Marie-Anne Schwab

Chemin des Ostryers, Mansonville, QC, Canada


By appointment only

Martial Labranche

722, Route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Microbrasserie Équinoxe

304 Rue Principale, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada

Migué & Fournier Land Surveyors

297, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Mike Cyr Real Estate

297, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Real Estate Service - Purchase / sale / rental on the ski slopes, on the lake or in the village. Mike Cyr Immobilier will be able to help you!

Montreal Pipeline LTD

99, du Pipeline Highwater QC J0E 1X0

Mtn Haus Hotel - Owl's Head Resort

40, ch. du Mont Owl's Head

Open all year round. During summer, food services are available at Owl's Head Golf Course.

Municipal Library

2, rue Vale Perkins Mansonville J0E 1X0
Opening hours Monday to Friday  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sunday Closed

Museum of Outsider Contemporary Art

307, rue Principale Mansonville J0E 1X0
The new owners of the former United Church have created a museum that is now open to public. The museum presents works of mostly self-taught artists who express their inner world with great intensity. Over 450 artworks are exhibited: drawings, paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Fridays by appointment only, please call at 514-344-4560  

Nexkemia Pétrochimie

24, rue Bellevue Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

O'Donoughue et Associés

Mansonville, QC, Canada
Specialist in conference, exhibits and special events


Mansonville, QC, Canada

Located in the heart of the Missisquoi valley, O'KATAVENTURES offers to discover the winding Missisquoi River aboard kayaks. Trips of 3, 4 and 6 hours are offered. This unique experience unlike any other will reveal the wonders of this unique location, whether you are looking for adventure or just a relaxing ride. A perfect outing for couples, families, corporate or school groups. Trips by moonlight are also available with a certified guide.

Ondina Rodriguez

639, route de Mansonville, mansonville J0E1X0
Real Estate Broker with more than 17 years experience in the local country side (Eastern Townships) and international field (Mexico). Member of GMREB (Real Estate Board of Greater Montreal), ACAIQ (Association of Brokers and Real Estate Agents Quebec), CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) and ICREA (International Consortium of Real Estate Associations)
I can also communicate in French and Spanish.

Pamela Georges

106 Carlton Oliver Road, Potton, Quebec J0E 1X0
Many of my watercolours and oil paintings reflect familiar scenes of the Canton de Potton. Painted in all seasons, I hope to capture the rural beauty of the area. I love to focus on the traditional barns and buildings as well as the magnificent landscape.  For viewing a selection of original paintings, prints and cards please contact for appointment by phone or e-mail.


87 Chemin Bellevue, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Work of all kinds

Mini excavation services:

  • Drainage;
  • Landscaping;
  • Construction of trail paths;
  • Private entrance.

Bulk transport services:

  • Topsoil;
  • Sand;
  • Gravel;
  • Recycled asphalt;
  • Crushed stone.

Pharmacie Cathy Riendeau et David Rousseau SENC

316, rue Principale, Canton de Potton Qc J0E 1X0
Professional Services:
  • Prescription extension
  • Personalized consultation to review the efficacy of your drug treatment
  • Travel medication kits
  • Preparation of pill organizers
  • Sale and rental of orthopedic and home care equipment
  • Online prescription renewal
  • Onsite blood test for anticoagulant therapy monitoring (INR)
  • Information on blood glucose testing and controlling diabetes
  • Blood pressure testing and personalized monitoring
Opening Hours:
  • Monday to Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday closed.

Place Manson

2 Vale Perkins, Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Located in the heart of Mansonville, Place Manson has become over the years the "lung" of the village. This intimate and cozy green space with its picnic tables attracts as much the Potton citizens as the visitors. On Sundays, the square comes alive to the sound of the concerts taking place under the bandstand.      

Pont de la Frontière 1896

Chemin Bellevue Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0
The Pont de la Frontière was built in 1896, near the northern border of the State of Vermont.  It is found on Chemin Bellevue where it spans a deep gorge on the Mud Brook.  A walking trail is located upstream from the bridge beginning near the province Hill Cemetery and leads to the brook side,where a splendid view of the bridge is to be seen. The covered bridge was retired from use in 1960 after more than 75 years of loyal service.  It was cited as a historic monument on October 6, 2008.

Potton Covered Market

Parc de la rivière Missisquoi-Nord, Québec 243, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Marché couvert de Potton Covered Market at Missisquoi North Park, André-Gagnon sector, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come and support your local producers and enjoy the great weather with us!

Potton Valley Quilters

302, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Group of quilting enthusiasts, sharing information and knowledge around a cake.

Meetings on Tuesday morning from 9 am to noon or by appointment.  Come join us!

Prestige Web

63 Chemin des Cheminots, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Ralph Bushenbaum

103, chemin Traver Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Raymond Cherrier

99, Route de Mansonville Highwater QC J0E 1C0

Reginald Landry

2698, chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Reilly House

302, rue Principale Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

The perfect place to enjoy homemade dishes and chatting in the heart of the village!

The Reilly House is a heritage building located in the heart of the village. A non-profit organization run by volunteers, the Reilly House offers services to the community.

The dining room offers free Wi-Fi and homemade soups, daily lunch specials and desserts.

There is also a second-hand store such as clothing, appliances and sports equipment.  You can donate used items, please call to arrange drop-offs.  Donated items must be in good condition and sellable.

Réserve naturelle des Montagnes Vertes, Singer sector

Chemin Ruiter Brook, Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
The Green Mountains Nature Reserve is the largest protected area on private land in Quebec! Owned by Nature Conservancy Canada and developed by Appalachian Corridor, the Green Mountains Nature Reserve protects more than 70 km2 of the region’s natural heritage and includes two thirds of the Sutton Mountain Range. It is home to hundreds of animal and plant species, of which at least 90 are endangered or vulnerable, and more than 80 species of birds nest there every spring. We invite you to take the trails that crisscross this rich and diversified environment whose summit (810 m) reveals a breathtaking panorama. Open year-round,closed during hunting season Entrance with fee, day pass : $6.  Citizens of Potton can obtain a free pass all year round. Tickets and passes available at the Potton Tourist Office located in 291, rue Principale, Mansonville, 1 844-467-6886  

Restaurant Club Haus

181, ch. Owl's Head mansonville
Open in summer - Reservations only.

Resto-Bar Mtn Haus

40, ch. du Mont Owl's Head Canton de Potton QC J0E 1X0

Open during ski season - Reservations recommended for the restaurant.

Robert Boire

Chemin des Ostryers, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Landscapes, cityscapes and abstractions in limited edition prints in black and white and color.

Photography inspires me to reexamine the apparent world, to focus on, frame and connect with my surroundings.  It provides an opportunity to observe, represent and ultimately recall the richness that often lies latent or overlooked in the commonplace world around us. I am interested in transmitting the sensation of the place as I have experienced it, by our collective idea of landscape and in the power of images of anonymous places to suggest, to evoke memories, real or imagined.

Royal Lamothe Inc

13, rue Bellevue Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Seann O'Riordain

15 chemin Ruiter Brook Potton QC

Sherry Fontaine

398 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Six Wolves


317 Rue Principale, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Ski Owl's Head

40, chemin du mont Owl's Head mansonville QC J0E 1X0
During the winter season, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing; Wax Ski Shop: rental, maintenance and repairs of skis, equipment, clothing and accessories. Breakfast and lunch served at the cafeteria, dinner served at Resto-Bar Mtn Haus.

Stanley Lake

107 Chemin Ruiter Brook, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada

Open since 1975, we create garden fountains, goddesses, wall fountains and scarecrow heads plus bowls, teapots, and platters;  all made from high-fired stoneware and porcelain clay and are produced in my studio.

Stansje Plantenga

186, chemin Ruiter Brook Dunkin QC J0E 1X0
The themes and elements of Art are all already there in nature. I started out as a printmaker and painter but switched in my later years to photography to document nature and as well in many of my works emphasize artistic elements such as texture, light, rhythm for example.

Steve-Éric Picard

30 Chemin des Mûriers, Mansonville, QC, Canada

A resident of Potton Township since 2016, I've been working with glass mosaics ever since. It involves assembling fragments of glass to tell a story. My inspiration comes from the natural world around us.
I bring transparency, fluidity and freedom to my work. I have fun with 3D. Incorporating pieces of recycled glass here and there. Concerned about the environment, I salvage doors and windows from old houses or even churches to give them new life. My artistic approach focuses on the creation of both decorative and utilitarian objects.

Studio visit:
By request only via email

Super Hiro Productions

2, rue des Pins Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

Sylvie Geneau


239 Chemin Owls Head, Mansonville, QC, Canada

In daily contact with nature in Potton, Sylvie Geneau draws her inspiration from it and brings it to life in her pastels and on her canvases.
A figurative painter, Sylvie celebrates the grandeur of nature. She aspires that her creations convey the wonder that she nourishes in life.
Sylvie Geneau acquired her foundation in drawing and painting at Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2013, she enrolled at the Atelier d'art Mine de Rien and developed a passion for pastel for almost 6 years. She is now pursuing her development with the American pastellist Alain J. Picard. She is a member of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada and occasionally offers pastel workshops where she introduces new adepts to this medium.

*Visit of the workshop by appointment

Taïssa Hrycay

ISKRA Communications

10 Chemin des Érables, Mansonville, QC, Canada


Consulting services in communications, marketing and public relations

The Coldbrook Real Estate

297, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0

The Mansonville Round Barn

323, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
The Mansonville Round Barn is an inspiring piece of unique architecture, and a heritage landmark that enhances the natural beauty surrounding it.  The century-old barn is a priceless community asset because only seven remain in the Eastern Townships, and no other is located in a town! Tourist Brochure Every Saturday, from mid-May to Thanksgiving, the Round Barn opens its doors to you, along with the public market.  

The Missisquoi Nord Pathways, Township of Potton sector

364 Route de Mansonville, Mansonville, QC, Canada

The North Missisquoi Trail takes you to the Ruiter Trust and the Green Mountains Nature Reserve or even to the Sutton Natural Environment Park: Fifty kilometers of opportunities! The "village-mountain" path between Potton and the Green Mountains Reserve, from the corner of Westhill Road; Including Fullerton Road, is well suited to cross-country skiing, although the main track is frequented by snowmobiles, there are several loops in the forest for snowshoers or cross-country skiers; In the Ruiter Creek Valley Trust, signs tell snowshoers to evolve leaving a blank span for skiers. Trails at Owl's Head: A partnership between Missisquoi North and Owl's Head gives rise to a hiking trail on the shore of Lake Memphremagog with ascent of Mount Owl's Head until the arrival of the main ski lift. This trail is in the last phase of construction and will be located on the eastern side of the mountain and will transport the hiker in the history of the past of the mountain while walking in an environment in full nature.


Silk-screen printing workshop

78 Chemin Fitzsimmons, Mansonville, QC, Canada

Workshop of artisanal silk-screen printing

Introduction to silk-screening and sale of art silk-screen prints, by appointment

Ward Sherrer

588, route de Mansonville Mansonville QC J0E 1X0
Bulk Transportation, Sand, Soil and Gravel

Ya’ta’ Pottery - Julie-Anne Bellefleur

Chemin des Hêtres, Mansonville, QC J0E 1X0, Canada


In her studio located in the Sugarloaf Pond area of Potton, Julie-Anne Bellefleur creates small series of utilitarian pieces and one-of-a-kind works of expression. Navigating between traditional and contemporary modes, her creations are distinguished by the organic, even primitive, character they exude. Her approach is intimately linked to a quest for identity and the desire to reappropriate the cultural heritage bequeathed to her by her Wendat ancestors, "the island people".

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