Maximum alert (RED ZONE) as of November 12: What are the changes?

For the municipality:
Municipal Council: Council meetings must be held without the presence of the public. As usual, citizens will have access to the audio recording on the municipality’s website.
Library: Closed, except for the loans counter.
Community Hall: The community hall is off limits for social or recreational events.

Meetings and visits:

At home (including chalets): Visitors from another address prohibited both inside and outside. However, exceptions apply for the following situations:
– A single visitor from another address for single people (it is recommended to always receive the same person in order to limit social contact)
– Caregivers;
– People providing service or support;
– Labor for planned work.

Activities organized in a public place: Forbidden, except for places of worship and funerals (maximum of 25 people and keeping an attendance register).

Sports, leisure and outdoor activities

  1. No organized sports and leisure activities permitted.
  2. All competitions are canceled at schools, associations and at the private level for team and individual sports.
  3. Indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities may remain open to allow for individual practice.
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