Multipurpose Shelter Project

The Municipality of the Township of Potton is moving forward with its multifunctional shelter project. Municipal Council has given the green light to proceed with a call for tenders for the production of plans and specifications and the supervision of the work to be carried out.

The project consists mainly of building a permanent roof over the municipal rink at the André-Gagnon park which will also be equipped with a lighting and electrical system, retractable weather resistant curtains, a multipurpose concrete surface and new rink boards. The shelter can then be used during the winter as well as during the other seasons.

Construction is expected to be completed in October 2019. The new shelter will:
• Extend the skating period, in addition to providing a better quality of ice;
• Provide a shaded area that will be appreciated by residents, tourists and visitors (hiking, kayaking, canoeing)
• Permit outdoor events of all kinds at anytime of the year: community and family gatherings, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, etc.

It is important to realize that to carry out this $ 1, 207,000 project, the Municipality received a grant from the Quebec Ministry of Education on July 26, 2018 of $ 603,586, which represents half of the amount. The Municipality will pay the other half. It should be noted that without this project, the Town would had to completely renovate the rink which would have cost nearly $ 500,000, without any possibility of a grant. The advantage of this project is that it is accompanied by a grant representing 50% of the cost; therefore, citizens will obtain much more than just a skating rink and at a lower cost.

On Saturday, March 2nd, more than 50 citizens of Potton came to the Town Hall to attend the information session on this project. Those present were able to ask questions to those responsible for the project as well as to members of the Municipal Council.

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