Budget and Property Assessment

Property Assessment

You may consult the municipal Tax Roll for any property in the Township of Potton directly on the Assessor’s webpage, the firm J.P.Cadrin & Ass. Inc. by clicking here ; you will need to provide the required coordinates for the property sought.
* You will be directed to another site than Potton; please note that the property assessment and the destination portal are neither a municipal responsibility of the Township of Potton.

The firm Jean-Pierre Cadrin and associates, mandated by the MRC of Memphrémagog to develop the municipal assessment rolls, is submitting the new roll for the Canton of Potton this fall.
Citizens of the Municipality are invited to watch a short video explaining that the process is governed by provincial standards. This video is available in French with the possibility of English subtitles:


Annual summary budget, financial report and annual list of tax rates and tariffs

Annually, property taxes and other charges are calculated from the budget for the year and from the Assessment Roll.
(From 2017 on)


Property Transfer Tax

The Property Transfer Tax is a tax that all municipalities must collect from the new purchaser of a property. There are also other types of real estate transactions (e.g. very long term leases) for which this tax will be charged. The tax is collected by the municipality where the property is located. The Property Transfer Tax applies to the purchase or construction of a new dwelling (purchase of the building and the land or the land only).


Since January 1, 2022, the amount of this tax is :

0.5% for the first $53,200;
1.0% between $53,200 and $266,200
1.5% between $266,200 and $500,000
2.0% between $500,000 and $700,000
3.0% for amounts exceeding $700,000

For example, for a house valued at $92,000:

The first $53,200 will be taxed at 0.5% ($266);
The remaining $38,800 will be taxed at 1.0% ($388);

The total transfer tax will therefore be $654.

Read :

» TRANSFER DUTIES 2022 (in French)


For the municipal fiscal year 2022, the rate of increase used to establish any amount to establish these tax base brackets is 0.8352%. ((2021) 153 G.O. 1, 429).

For the municipal fiscal year 2023, the rate of increase used to establish any amount for the purpose of establishing the brackets of the tax base for property transfer taxes, as published in the Gazette officielle du Québec (see note 1), is 3.765 1%. Consequently, the applicable amounts of the thresholds for which an annual indexation is provided for, and this, pursuant to the first paragraph of section 2 of the Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables (RLRQ, chapter D 15.1), increase respectively :

From $53,200 to $55,200;
From $266,200 to $276,200.

Rate 2022 2023
0.5% $53,200 and less $55,200 and less
1.0% Exceeding $53,200 but not exceeding $266,200 Exceeding $55,200 but not exceeding $276,200
1.5% Exceeding $266,200 Exceeding $276,200
Applicable transfer tax rates based on tax base


List of contracts, expenses sorted by vendors
Report on contracts awarded by the Municipality of the Township of Potton

Information on contracts awarded by the Municipality of the Township of Potton can be found on the Système électronique d’appel d’offres (SEAO) by clicking on the button below and selecting the specific dates and organization Municipalité du Canton de Potton.

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