Destination Owl’s Head

Destination Owl’s Head

The Owl’s Head Resort was acquired by Destination Owl’s Head.

Potton’s municipal Council agrees with the changes as long as they fit with the expectations of the community. A communication channel has been established between the Municipality and the company to ensure that things go smoothly.

Finally, the City Council wishes to thank the Korman family for their contribution to the economic health of the Township of Potton for a little over fifty years.

For more information on all Owl’s Head’s activities, please visit their website by clicking here.

Destination Owl’s Head Master Plan

On February 10 and 11, 2020, Destination Owl’s Head held meetings with merchants and residents of Potton to reveal their master development plan and commitments for the implementation of all projects.

About fifteen local businesses representatives attended the February 10th meeting while more than 20 citizens attended the February 11th meeting. The meetings were conducted in a friendly manner and all those present were able to ask their questions.

To read the Synopsis of the Master Plan, please click here.

Destination Owl’s Head invites you to send your thoughts and comments directly by clicking on this Google link

Pictures of the February 11th Meeting
Destination Owl’s Head Panel:
Pierre Bourdages: Destination Owl’s Head CEO,
Jean-François Vachon: Urbanist
Marc Perreault: Empero, Urbanist 
Marc Lacoursière: President GOH, Owner-Investor

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