Municipal committees

The Town Council creates committees to assist it in fulfilling its responsibilities.

The following committees are established by bylaw and recognized until the council repeals the bylaw. These committees have a mission, composition and operating rules established by the council. They are composed of citizens and elected officials.

comité d'urbanisme

In 2021, the Communications Committee is made up of the following members:

• Jason Ball, president
• Michael Laplume, Mayor of the Municiplaity
• Martin Maltais, Director General of the Municipality
• Lakshmi Nguon, Communications Agent 
• John Patterson, Designer of the ”Connexion Potton” Project, in charge of the survey consultations

comité d'urbanisme
Cœur Villageois

In 2021, the Coeurs Villageois Committee is made up of the following members:

• Bruno Côté, President
• Lakshmi Nguon, City Administration Representative, Coordinator and Secretary
• Edith Smeesters
• Lucie Blanchard
• Amélie Payeur
• Melissa Harrison

comité d'urbanisme
Culture and Heritage

The committee’s task is to follow actions and guidelines named in the cultural policy and to oversee various cultural activities including the Potton annual  festival.

CCPP 2021 members are:
– To be determined

Cultural and Heritage Policy of the Municipality of the Township of Potton 2020-2030 (in French only)

comité d'urbanisme
Environmental Advisory Committee

Members of the Committee:

comité d'urbanisme
Round Barn Committee
comité d'urbanisme
ORV Committee
comité d'urbanisme
Urban planning advisory

Composed of nine members, two elected officials and citizens representing the seven geographic areas of the municipality and assisted by the municipal urbanist. This advisory committee issues recommendations on all applications for minor derogations and, among others, for permits in areas aimed at the PIIA Program (Plan d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale) and on conditional usage. This committee is also invited to make recommendations to council on territorial planning.

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