Municipal committees

The Town Council creates committees to assist it in fulfilling its responsibilities.

The following committees are established by bylaw and recognized until the council repeals the bylaw. These committees have a mission, composition and operating rules established by the council. They are composed of citizens and elected officials.

comité d'urbanisme
Agriculture and forests
comité d'urbanisme
Cœur Villageois

The Cœurs Villageois mission:
The Cœurs villageois Network is an original project of Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est.
The objectives of Cœurs villageois project are to
– Create distinctive tourist experiences of the Eastern Townships by highlighting the natural, cultural and human assets of the villages of the region
– Develop residents’ pride and citizen involvement to enhance the visitor-visited experience

The Coeurs Villageois Committee 2019-2020 is made up of the following members:

• Jacques Marcoux, President
• Lakshmi Nguon, City Administration Representative, Coordinator and Secretary
• Trish Wood, City Administration Representative
• Yannick Beaupertuis / François Leduc, business members
• Lucie Blanchard, merchant member
• Raymond Gagnon, merchant member
• Francine Hemmings, merchant member
• Lise de Foy, citizen member
• Hiro Gagnon, citizen member
• Louise Morel, citizen member
• Frank Ruiz, citizen member
• Edith Smeesters, citizen member
• Michel Trudel, citizen member

The achievements since 2016
⊲ Designate a person responsible for tourism in the municipal administration
⊲ Form a local tourism committee that will advise the tourism manager
⊲ Maintain the tourist reception desk
⊲ Update the tourist website of the municipality including a calendar of tourist and cultural activities
⊲ Create a new road map of the Township of Potton
⊲ Arrange rest stops for hikers at André-Gagnon Park, Place de la Grange ronde and Manson Park
⊲ Have public benches along the rue Principale
⊲ Install drinking water fountains: André-Gagnon Park, Place de la Grange ronde and Place Manson
⊲ Adopt the owl as emblem of the Municipality of the Township of Potton
⊲ Create a visual screen at the intersection of rue Joseph-Blanchet Street and rue Principale
⊲ Produce a postcard of the Round Barn
⊲ Arrange “rest stops” to encourage the contemplation of certain points of view of our landscapes by hikers
⊲ Install programmable locks at André-Gagnon Park and the Round Barn public toilets.
Realization of a tourist map and a flyer of Potton
⊲ Put a display in front of the BAT which would be sheltered from bad weather, where one could post the tourist card and deposit there pamphlets
⊲ Install a station of repair of bicycles – Biciborne
⊲ Create a community vegetable garden
⊲ Fountain to drink in the Place Manson
⊲ Cœurs Villageois T-Shirts for the producers of the public market
⊲ New signs for the Town Hall and the Library
⊲ New Town Hall Building Lighting
⊲ Rebuilding of stairs in front of St-Cajetan Church
⊲ Public Market Signs
⊲ Cœur Villageois signs at the 3 entrances of the village
⊲ New Rest-Stops
⊲ Services of a professional photographer for tourism promotion

Some projects to come…
⊲ Planting trees and shrubs everywhere in the village
⊲ Carry out a first phase of the Place du Moulin Project
⊲ Install a permanent tourist kiosk at Owl’s Head
⊲ Install more rest stops
⊲ Place Development Project under the TCE Winter Tourism Pilot Project

February 13, 2018 meeting report (in French only)
May 10, 2018 meeting report (in French only)
June 14, 2018 meeting report (in French only)
July 26,2018 meeting report (in French only)
November 8, 2018 meeting report (in French only)
February 28, 2019 meeting report (in French only)
June 13, 2019 meeting report (in French only)
October 10, 2019 meeting report (in French only)
November 28, 2019 meeting report (in French only)
February 27, 2020 meeting report (in French only)


comité d'urbanisme
Culture and Heritage

The committee’s task is to follow actions and guidelines named in the cultural policy and to oversee various cultural activities including the Potton annual  festival.

CCPP 2020 members are:
– Sandra Jewett – President and Representative of the Potton Heritage Association
– Suzanne de Foy – Secretary
– Jason Ball – Municipal Councillor
– Trish Wood – City Representative / Leisure, Culture and Community life
— Ann Colgan – Reprensentative of the Municipal Library
– Nathalie Laurin – Citizen / Visual Arts
– Dave Sturton – Citizen / Music
– Hiro Gagnon – Citizen / Cutural activities for kids
– Sheila Kerr- Citizen / Fine-Arts

Cultural and Heritage Policy of the Municipality of the Township of Potton 2020-2030 (in French only)

comité d'urbanisme
Digital inclusion
comité d'urbanisme
Emergency preparedness committee

Advisory Committee on Emergency Measures of the municipality.

comité d'urbanisme
Human resources
comité d'urbanisme
Leisure, families and parks

This committee regroups two sectors that come together:

On the one hand, the parks and their use, on the other hand, the families as part of the leisure services offered by the Municipality.

It is composed of :

  • Jacques Marcoux (Mayor)
  • Michael Laplume (Councilor)
  • Patricia Wood (Recreation, Culture and Community Life)
  • Ronney Korman (Manager of Public Works, Parks and Municipal Buildings)

Report of the meeting held on March 26, 2018
Report of the meeting held on April 27, 2018

comité d'urbanisme
Residual materials management
comité d'urbanisme
Road services
comité d'urbanisme
Socio-economic development

Role of the committee
Promote discussions on the economic and social development of the Township of Potton.
Review and make recommendations to City Council on all matters raised by the Committee or Council regarding the socio-economic development of the Township of Potton.

The Socio-Economic Development Committee is composed of the following members:

• Jacques Marcoux, president
• Michael Laplume
• Eddy Mierzwinski
• Daniel Giroux
• Jacques Ducharme
• André Jauniaux
• Stanley Lake

March 7th meeting report

comité d'urbanisme
Sustainable development advisory

The Sustainable Development Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on any environmental project submitted by the Council. It is also called to address issues that it believes need to be considered for recommendations to Council.

The following committees are established by Council resolution to make recommendations or comments in a specific area; there is no fixed term. Such committees cease to operate when the municipal Council decides to put an end to their existence.

Members of the Committee:
– Christine Beaudinet – – term January 1, 2020
– Francine Hemmings – – term January 1, 2021
– Carole Delaître – – term January 1, 2021
– Lucie Blanchard – – term January 1, 2020
– Jason Ball – – term January 1, 2020
– Catherine Beaudoin – term January 1, 2020
– Cynthia Sherrer – – term January 1, 2021

comité d'urbanisme
Urban planning advisory

Composed of nine members, two elected officials and citizens representing the seven geographic areas of the municipality and assisted by the municipal urbanist. This advisory committee issues recommendations on all applications for minor derogations and, among others, for permits in areas aimed at the PIIA Program (Plan d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale) and on conditional usage. This committee is also invited to make recommendations to council on territorial planning.

comité d'urbanisme
Water infrastructure and public buildings
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