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The Mansonville Round Barn


We invite you to watch this film by Louise Abbott which will give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the task that has been accomplished to restore the Round Barn.
To watch the video, please click HERE

The Round Barn is closed until next summer

In summer 2020, the Round Barn presented three exhibitions including:
• an exhibition on the artisanal production of butter
• an exhibition on “Tourism at the Turn of the 19th Century”
• the presentation of two short films on:
o the restoration of the Mansonville Round Barn
o the operation of a round barn

The Mansonville Round Barn is an inspiring piece of unique architecture, and a heritage landmark that enhances the natural beauty surrounding it. The century-old barn is a priceless community asset because only seven remain in the Eastern Townships, and no other is located in a town!

 Photo title of the page taken by Geraldine Vincent

grange ronde
grange ronde
The Round Barn in the Medias

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Round Barn Restoration Works: Where are we at?

Thanks to our different fundraising campaigns since 2010, the Round Barn restauration is almost complete. We would like to thank the local contractors, workers, artisans and suppliers who supported us in the realization of this fantastic project and who often had to work in difficult conditions.

Major work was begun at the end of October 2018, thanks to our various fundraising campaigns (over $ 300,000 since 2010) and to the generous grant of $ 386,500 from Canadian Heritage. The foundations have been redone and the structure has been straightened and strengthened. Work this spring included the replacement of doors and windows, new exterior cladding and landscaping.

The barn has definitely been saved and we have already respected the commitment made to Canadian Heritage to preserve a heritage building and it will soon be accessible to the public again.
The total cost of the renovations is currently approximately $ 725,000. We have yet to redo the roof and complete the interior fittings.

That’s why, last May, we launched a $ 400,000 fundraising campaign targeting businesses and patrons in the region. This campaign has already raised over $ 225,000! We extend our warmest thanks to Destination Owl’s Head, the Fred Korman family, Paul Desmarais Jr and Daniel Giroux for their substantial recent donations, and to the Caisse Desjardins du Lac-Memphremagog for their financial support.

Your financial contribution would really be appreciated since we are so close of our final goal. A Private visit of the barn is planned at the end of July for all donors. A committee is already looking into the activity program in anticipation of the reopening of the barn in 2020.

Hoping to count you as an important donor on the Round Barn honor roll,
For the Round Barn Committee, Hans Walser, President, 450-292-3566

Future use of the round barn and the surrounding grounds

The barn will soon become a major attraction in the Eastern Townships, complementing the new development of Owl’s Head and this will inevitably contribute to the revitalization of our village.

On the three interior levels of the barn we’ll showcase:

A permanent exhibition on the history and heritage of our region
Occasional thematic exhibitions
A multifunctional room for conferences, shows or receptions
On the Barn’s grounds, you’ll continue to have:

The public market with local products and the work of local craftsmen
An innovative and educational community garden
Animation for children, outdoor cinema, concerts, country parties, etc.

Photo credits: Edith Smeesters and Louise Abbott

Above: July 2019 – The foundations have been redone and the structure has been straightened and strengthened. Work this spring included the replacement of doors and windows, new exterior cladding and landscaping.
Below: Work progress from the beginning

Round Barn Fundraiser 2019

Saving Mansonville’s Round Barn, one of six in the Eastern Townships, was one of my dreams. In the last ten years, the building was deteriorating, and, despite this, a group of dedicated citizens continued their tireless efforts to secure the necessary funding for the restoration. Donations and a grant from Canadian Heritage ($ 210000) totaling $ 393 000 enabled the beginning of the restoration in November. The barn will not collapse and will serve as an Interpretation Centre in the future which will boost interest in our community. The amount available is not sufficient for the complete restoration. If, like me, you believe in the potential of this important heritage building, I invite you to help us by making a donation.

You can donate by cheque, please print and fill out this form, than post or drop it off in person at the Town Hall.

I thank you for participating in the realization of one of my dreams; it is really awesome. It would also be great if you invited family and friends to help out also.

                                                                                   –Jacques Marcoux, Mayor of the Township of Potton

Thank you to all of our donators!

grange ronde
April 18th: Launching of a Major Fundraising Campaign for the Round Barn

The Round Barn Committee held a press conference to launch its major fundraising campaign of  $ 400 000 to complete the restoration of the Round Barn.

Thanks to a major grant from Canadian Heritage of $ 386,500, various fundraising campaigns since 2013 and the contributions from the MRC of Memphremagog and the Township of Potton, Mansonville’s Round Barn has been placed on a new solid foundation since last December 2018.

However, there is still some essential work to complete, including the renovation of the roof and upgrading the building to make it accessible to the public again.

Eventually, the Round Barn will become an Interpretation Center for heritage buildings, agriculture, forests, and landscapes that are all unique to the Eastern Townships region.

This campaign is aimed at donors and corporations throughout the MRC of Memphremagog and beyond, the Township of Potton cannot assume this funding alone. The Committee strongly believes that, when restored, the Round Barn will become an important cultural and heritage hub of the Eastern Townships.

Funding Committee for the Round Barn:
• Christine Baudinet tel.: 514 731-3554
• Bernard Sansoucy tel.: 514 704-9941
• Edith Smeesters tel.: 450 292-0547

Photos : Raymond Gagnon

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