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Municipal Civil Security Plan

In 2015, the Municipality of Potton Township produced a Civil Security Plan. Our Plan is the written result of our planning process which provides the means to implement in order to preserve life and health, provide relief, save property or to mitigate the effects of a major disaster.

Fundamentals of our plan:

Civil Security Municipal Organization

The Civil Security Municipal Organization (CSMO) is comprised of our intervention team in the case of a major disaster. The members of the CSMO are partly municipal figures (members of council and staff), but also people (citizens of the municipality) who volunteered to assist us in various “missions”. Everyone on this team has a responsibility and a role to play the case of a disaster. This team is organized as shown by the chart below.

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Intervention team06-06-2017 DownloadPreview
Means of Alert

The Civil Security Plan foresees the means of alert of the Civil Security Municipal Organization (CSMO) with a telephone chain. In the same vein, different means of alert are planned in order to communicate with our population or remain in contact with before, during or after a major disaster. These ‘’means’’ could be used as a complement depending on the case and according to the emergency. Some means are preferred for more urgent situations and others specifically for monitoring. Among the methods retained, there is the use of radio media, door-to-door by the emergency personnel, the use of a megaphone; mailings, public notices and the municipal website are just a few. An information service for citizens could also be established if such a need arose.

Emergency Facilities

In order to respond appropriately, emergency facilities are planned for, where the main activities related to certain missions of the CSMO will take place, such as municipal coordination of aid, Services for disaster victims (registration of evacuees, temporary accommodation, food), the Communication services (information to the population, public meetings and press room). Agreements have been taken for non-municipal facilities.

The Municipality has also foreseen that external facilities could be necessary. Mutual agreements for facility lending have also been arranged with the neighbouring municipalities. Other agreements were concluded with certain organizations, like the Canadian Red-Cross, to support our Service for disaster victims.

Other means of plan improvement

Various tools and resources are part of our plan to improve our ability to respond. Including our information and public awareness programaimed at improving public knowledge regarding civil security and prevention. Articles and information will be published and sent. These articles will also be published on this page.

And you ? What can you do? Would you be able to cope with an emergency? We invite you to visit the various websites and information pertaining to prevention. We strongly encourage you to get an emergency kit so that you will be able to see to your needs during the initial 72 hours of an emergency situation.


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