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Fire security


Emergency services

Police – Fire – Ambulance

Emergency calls: 911

Sûreté du Québec

310-4141 ou *4141



Poison control centre

1 800 463 5060

Fire department

For any emergency, just dial 911 and dispatchers will direct the call to the right service.

The fire station is located at 2 Vale Perkins Street, in the same building as the Town Hall. Our Fire Protection Service covers the entire territory of the Township of Potton, a 262 square km area. A mutual aid agreement exists with the fire services of North Troy and Austin to allow us to meet the legally required response time.


In the township of Potton, to find out if you can make a fire, you must consult the SOPFEU website and see if there is a restriction for our region.

If the level indicated is low (blue) or moderate (green), bonfires are permitted. If the table indicates a high (yellow), very high (amber) or red (extreme) level, fires are prohibited.

Then, depending on the type of fires you want to make, you must follow the recommendations below:

Bon fires

During periods when fires are permitted, citizens must notify the municipality of their intention to light a bonfire and mention the address, date and telephone number. The request may be made via the website or by telephone: 450-292-3313 ext. 230. Theses fires must have ​​1.2 meters by 1.2 meters maximum. This is done for a purely preventive purpose.

Brush clearing, abatis, cleaning fires and during special events

During periods when fires are permitted, citizens must notify the municipality of their intention to light a fire The request must be made via the municipality’s website. The fire must meet specific conditions due to its size.

Fires in a closed or screened appliance equipped with a spark arrester

Note that at all times and throughout the territory of the municipality, fires in fireplaces with spark arresters are permitted. You must continue to take the usual precautions: do not light a fire in windy conditions; fire watch at all times; it is only allowed to burn natural wood (construction wood prohibited); ensure that no nuisance occurs (smoke from neighbours).


**Burn permit request


Bylaw 2017-440 is now in force.

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