Residual Material Pick-Ups

Every week, the Municipality of the Township of Potton is questioned about the collection of residual materials. Both citizens and people in charge of the pick-ups say they are unhappy. To remedy the situation, the municipality invites the population to show more solidarity. Most of the problems reported could have been avoided if citizens had respected the basic instructions for collection.  Citizen collaboration is essential!

The Municipality once again reminds citizens that if the instructions are not respected, the contractor who collects the residual materials has the right not to empty your bin.
For all other reports or complaints, please contact the reception desk of the Town Hall at 450 292-3313 ext. 0.
For more details on residual materials (general information, list of materials accepted in each bin, please click HERE.




Your bin has not been emptied
  • You have put your bin backwards. Please follow the arrows on the lid of your bin.  The wheels and handle of the bin must be placed BACKWARDS.
  • Your bin was on the ground when the pick-up vehicle passed by. Citizens must ensure that their bin is properly placed.
  • Your bin contains non-conforming materials: construction waste, hazardous waste, etc.  These materials must be brought to the Ecocentre during its opening period.
  • The bins are not spaced far enough apart.  There should be 1 metre of space between each bin so the mechanical arm of the truck can pick this up.
  • Bins are placed too far apart. The bin should be placed as close as possible to the edge of the path or road, about 1 metre from the road.
  • You have the wrong date, the blue, green or brown bins are emptied on assigned days, see the pick-up calendar.
Your bin is not emptied properly
  • The material is stuck inside the bin.  This is common in the brown bin during winter because the compostable materials are frozen.  Add cardboard to the bottom of the bin and place layers of paper to loosen the material.
There is a lot of garbage scattered on the ground
  • Your bin is overfilled.  Make sure that the lid of the bin is closed and that nothing is sticking out.  Please disassemble and flatten the cardboard.
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