Round Barn Restoration Work Update

The restoration work has progressed despite severe cold spells and lots of snow to the point that the Round Barn Committee can now say that the barn is saved: Hurrah!

New foundations are in place, the structure has been repositioned on them and the temporary stabilisation system has been removed. After the installation of the French drain around the perimeter, the foundation and internal support columns will be backfilled, and the construction site shut down for the Holidays period. In January, the lower part of the wall will be repaired, new doors and windows installed, and the floor support capacity brought up to standard. Not surprisingly, costs will continue to rise.

A fundraising committee has been put in place and is about to launch an ambitious, broadly structured fundraising campaign. The Round Barn Committee (Hans Walser, president) had submitted a new request for financial assistance to Canadian Heritage earlier this month and are awaiting their response in the new year.

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