Special Public Notice

SPECIAL NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned that a special meeting of Council of this Municipality is hereby called to order to be held by teleconference on
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. and that the following items will be considered


  1. 1. Call to order and attendance at the special meeting;
  2. 2.  Adoption of the agenda;
  3. 3.  Borrowing by-law number 2021-478 relating to the upgrading and increase in capacity of the Owl’s Head drinking water treatment plant and authorizing a loan for this purpose;
  4. 4.  Borrowing by-law number 2021-479 regarding the rehabilitation of the raw water intake for the Owl’s Head sector and authorizing a loan for this purpose;
  5. 5.  By-law 2001-292-R relating to subdivision (parkland);
  6. 6.   Adoption of an unfavourable resolution concerning the teletower project;
  7. 7.   Adoption of a resolution concerning the second draft of the land use and sustainable development plan;
  8. 8.   Adoption of a resolution regarding audio-visual equipment for the council chamber;
  9. 9.    Adoption of a resolution for the hiring of a deputy;
  10. 10.  Adoption of a resolution mandating the Mayor or the Director General to enter into an agreement with Destination Owl’s Head
  11. 11.  Varia;
  12. 12.  Closing of the meeting.

GIVEN at Mansonville, this 16th day of September 2021,

Martin Maltais
Director General Secretary-Treasurer

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