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Since the election in 2017, and according to the strategic plan adopted in February 2018, the municipal council has had the mission to carry out several projects, among others, those of attracting young families to settle in the township and to better serve them; to implement the Internet in areas neglected by providers, and complete the development of the Round Barn etc.

Today, I am pleased to tell you that after 4 years of work, some of our projects have been completed.  The best example of this is the multifunctional shelter, a place that will now host quality sports, cultural and recreational activities for families, citizens and visitors for a long time to come.
I would also like to inform you about several other development projects that are either underway or under study in our township:

This is without a doubt the biggest request from citizens to date.  For several years, the municipality has put a lot of effort into offering this essential service to all households in the township, but the problem is complex, as internet providers are not interested in serving the less populated areas, and therefore, less revenue is generated for these providers.  There is also the question of the availability of poles to run the fiber optics that are currently located on private land and being monopolized by Bell and Hydro-Québec.  Recently, the problem has been taken over by the provincial government. The municipality continues to follow the issue closely.  For more information:

In order to accommodate resident-users of the wharf, the municipality had no choice but to modify the access procedure.  Since space is very limited at the wharf (40 parking spaces max), parking spots will now be reserved for citizens during the high season.  The municipality has ruled out the idea of enlarging the wharf for the time being as the work would be very costly and citizens would see their taxes increase. For the past 2 years, the parking rates have remained the same for non-residents. This pricing structure is the same at all the wharves of the MRC.

I would like to thank all the members of the Potton Municipal Volunteer Group (GBMP) who have worked hard over the past decade to raise funds to restore the Round Barn.  Solely, they have raised $1.1 million! Thanks to their perseverance, the Round Barn has been saved.
We are now at the next stage, the use of the Round Barn. Given the many possible uses of this heritage building, the Municipality has mandated a professional architectural firm to evaluate the extent of the renovations required to bring the barn up to standard for its intended use (fire exits, sprinklers, fireproofing, toilets, etc.).  As the Round Barn remains under evaluation, and work can begin at any time, it will remain closed to the public this summer.

We have applied for 3 grants from MAPAQ to improve the public market, the projects include the installation of more vendor booths (in addition to the 3 already existing), rest areas for visitors, a terrace for a food truck and a small coffee kiosk.

The Park Fund may be imposed by a municipality at the time of application for an allotment or building permit.  In other words, it is a tax that applies to undeveloped private land. The municipality can tax up to 10% of the value of the land in exchange for an allotment permit. The municipality can choose between a transfer of part of the land or a financial contribution or a combination of both. In all cases, the land or money can only be used for parks, playgrounds, or the protection of natural areas. Almost every municipality in our MRC has been collecting this tax for years. The municipality is considering a 6% tax, which is the same tax used by Eastman.  According to Mayor Yvon Laramée, in 2020, Eastman received $162,000 in taxes from the “Park Fund. “Note that Eastman taxes 3% in cash and 3% in land, the 162k represents collections based on 3% and not 6%.

With the arrival of new citizen-owners, the municipal council, on the recommendation of the town’s administration, has decided to open the Ecocentre one more day per week, on Wednesdays, in addition to Saturdays, in the hope that this will reduce waiting times.

The current municipal bylaws make it almost impossible to operate a food truck in the Township of Potton. The municipal council has made changes to the bylaws to facilitate the arrival of food trucks on the territory.

Thanks to the Parks Fund (explained earlier), the municipal council is considering a series of projects for the Missisquoi North Park, André-Gagnon sector. It should be noted that not all the projects listed have been approved yet. Some projects need to be evaluated before Council makes a final decision.

  • Water Games
    Council is happy to report that water games will be part of the new features at the park and will be open to the public in summer 2022!
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
    Two tennis courts will be resurfaced. This work is essential as the courts have not been maintained for 15 years.  The cost of the work has already been included in the 2021 municipal budget.
  • Pumptrack and SkillsTrack
    This project was made possible by a grant from the provincial government that will cover 50% of the construction cost.
  • Walking and Cycling Trails
    Project funded at 80% by the provincial government: Creation of 2 combined trails for 1 km of trail in the park. The trails will be used for walking and cycling.
  • Children’s Playground
    The municipal council has given the green light for the creation of a children’s playground in the park. They need it!
  • Pickleball
    Two removable pickleball structures will be available under the multifunctional shelter this summer!
  • DEK Hockey Surface
    Council is evaluating the possibility of reusing the old rink boards and adding a DEK Hockey surface. In the winter, there would be 2 surfaces for hockey AND free skating respectively, one inside the shelter and one outside. The cost to the town would be $23,000.00, not including the asphalt base.
  • Shade Shelters
    The Town will add 4 permanent shelters to create shade. Each shelter will include a picnic table to invite people to stop and spend time in the park.
  • Ice Trail Maintenance Equipment
    The Municipality would like to provide quality skating trails in the park next winter. It is believed that this activity will be popular if quality of ice can be provided. The project is currently under study.
  • Ice Refrigeration
    The Town is in the process of evaluating the cost and procedures to equip the rink with a cooling mat. This system would allow Pottoneers to skate from mid-October to April, as well as open a range of activities for field hockey leagues, skating lessons, curling, outdoor tournaments. The council will not consider this project if it means raising taxes for citizens.

Do you have other interesting and unifying ideas for the Township? Do not hesitate to write to me, just below.

Kind regards,

Michael Laplume, Mayor of the Municipality of the Township of Potton
Mansonville, May 3, 2021

Thursday, January 7, 2021

ICE TRAIL PROJECT  For the past two days, the Potton firefighters alongside municipal councillors Bruno Côté and myself and several other volunteers from the village have been working hard to create icy trails on the baseball field. The day before yesterday, Bruno brought all of his equipment to help flatten the snow in order to prepare the trails. Last night, Mathieu Laplume, Jean-François Giroux, Alex Stogowski, Shannon Derby joined us to water the trails with a fire truck. Interesting fact: 30,000 litres of water were used yesterday. The work continues tonight with the help of Monica St-Onge, Jonathan Ducharme, Réjean Néron, Shannon Derby and again Bruno Côté. Our goal is to offer Potton citizens the unique opportunity to skate on icy trails this weekend. As the ball field can be lit up, skaters will be able to use the new trails until the government imposed curfew of 7:30 p.m. I would like to sincerely thank Bruno Côté and all the firefighters and volunteers for giving their time and loaning the equipment to carry out this project. Thanks to them, the pandemic will be easier to live with since we will have great outdoor activities this winter!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Hello, It is with great pleasure that I accept the new task entrusted to me following the retirement of Mr. Jacques Marcoux. With just one year in office, my job as mayor will be quite a challenge. I can still tell you that in the short and medium term, 3 subjects are particularly close to my heart: – The development and improvement of the Connexion Potton Project – The André-Gagnon Park development project – The creation of a new community center in the township Also, in the long term, the municipality will need to modernize its infrastructures, soon to be outdated the fire station, the municipal garage, the library and so on.  The Connexion Potton Project I would like to stress the importance of this project, which will have a great impact on the citizens of the Township of Potton as well as on the municipality. In my opinion, we need to review and modernize our communication methods. We are almost in 2021, and we have no choice but to embrace the technological shift of our time, if we are to remain relevant and efficient in our decision-making. The Potton Connection project will really give a voice to the population, especially the vast silent majority who do not have the opportunity to speak out. Through surveys and questionnaires, citizens can express themselves freely on a wide variety of topics, while remaining anonymous. In fact, the municipal council will not know where the comments are coming from because all the answers obtained during a survey will be managed and decided by an independent professional. Conversely, as soon as the municipal council has information to communicate, or in the event of a municipal public notice or an emergency relating to civil security, citizens will be notified immediately as the message will be communicated to them via their smartphone or by email. The Council will have the correct information on what citizens think and the citizens will be informed directly and correctly by the source of information, which will prevent the circulation of biased or false information. That is why I am asking you, once again, to sign up for the Connexion Potton Project. The more members there are, the more effective the project will be. Kind regards.

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