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Here are my comments at the Press Conference held this morning, April 3 2018

In November 2014, Dr. Jean-Louis Arseneau was swept away by the disease and left many patients mourning his departure. We are three and a half years later and most of Dr. Arseneau’s patients suffer from his non-replacement. Although the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS has made some efforts to find a doctor, I venture to say that efforts have not been as important as necessary. For example, the last medical graduates in Sherbrooke were not even informed of the availability of a position at the CLSC in Mansonville. We currently have three physicians practicing here on a part-time basis, which is equivalent to 1.2 full-time physician. Two of these three doctors will retire shortly. Will we, again, find ourselves in a situation similar to what we have been living since the death of Dr. Arseneau? I hope not because we would then face a serious threat.

More recently, the social worker in the Senior Support Program has been seconded from the CLSC in Mansonville and attached to the GMF in Magog. This is a serious loss and represents a drop in our proximity services.

In the past, a physiotherapist position has also been removed from the organization chart of the CLSC; another important loss.

Finally, at any given time and rather frequently, there is a break in the services of the nurse who is repatriated to Magog to fill the needs. This means that patient appointments are canceled with adverse effects for them.

Let’s say that the people of the Township of Potton and the surrounding municipalities are happy to have a CLSC here in Mansonville and they want to keep this important health service. Ms. Gauthier, Executive Director of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS, has more than once stated publicly that the CLSCs of Potton and Stanstead were not threatened with closure. That is somewhat reassuring. On the other hand, the decrease in services is not. As mayor of the Township of Potton, I invite the management of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS to call upon us to help. The provincial law regarding municipal competencies specifies in article 91 that a municipality can grant an aid to the exploitation of a health facility.

To conclude, I wish to remind you that the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS preaches a populational approach focused on the development of communities. The CLSC Mansonville situation, in my opinion, goes against this approach.

The Watchdog Committee, of which I am a member, oversees the MRC Memphrémagog’s public health network, which includes the Magog Health Center and the Mansonville and Stanstead points of service. The committee has been discussing with the CIUSS Estrie CHUS managers for more than a year and asks for answers to its questions about the decline in services. Unfortunately, the answers are slow in coming. The committee has decided to go public in order to get things done. Thus, a press conference will be held in Mansonville on Tuesday, April 3 in the main room of the Town Hall. The conference will begin at 10:30 am and will focus on the drop in services in Mansonville and Stanstead. All media will be invited as well as the entire population. Come to this important press conference and make your opinion known.
The entire municipal team wishes you a wonderful holiday season.
The Christmas market ”C’est chouette” held on December 9 and 10 was a great success. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed, and in particular, Renée Morris and Julie-Anne Bellefleur who are the organizers. This activity definitely helps to improve our image.
What is the Coeur villageois project? Here’s a summary. Further information will be sent later.
This project aims to help us harmoniously develop our living environment while accentuating our tourist attractiveness and preserving our personality and our own characteristics. Developing our village in a tangible way by beautifying it, enhancing its peculiarities and boosting its social and commercial sector will primarily benefit the residents themselves by increasing the quality of life offered to them. The rediscovery of its environment, broadened access to physical and cultural activities and civic involvement are all tangible manifestations of a healthy and vibrant village. The reinforcement of the local identity, the pride to participate in the dynamism of a community, to develop a personalized welcome to the visitors, are the basic principles of this purely Eastern Townships initiative (taken from the press release of Tourisme Cantons- de-l’Est of January 21st, 2016).


The public meeting on December 2nd is of utmost importance because it will allow us, council members, to gage the feelings with regards to the measures proposed for the next four years. I hope that the participants will represent a cross section of our population. You must reserve with Claire Alger at 450 292 3313, extension 222 or

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