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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020


It is with great pleasure that I accept the new task entrusted to me following the retirement of Mr. Jacques Marcoux.
With just one year in office, my job as mayor will be quite a challenge.

I can still tell you that in the short and medium term, 3 subjects are particularly close to my heart:
– The development and improvement of the Connexion Potton Project
– The AndrĂ©-Gagnon Park development project
– The creation of a new community center in the township

Also, in the long term, the municipality will need to modernize its infrastructures, soon to be outdated the fire station, the municipal garage, the library and so on …

The Connexion Potton Project
I would like to stress the importance of this project, which will have a great impact on the citizens of the Township of Potton as well as on the municipality.
In my opinion, we need to review and modernize our communication methods. We are almost in 2021, and we have no choice but to embrace the technological shift of our time, if we are to remain relevant and efficient in our decision-making.
The Potton Connection project will really give a voice to the population, especially the vast silent majority who do not have the opportunity to speak out. Through surveys and questionnaires, citizens can express themselves freely on a wide variety of topics, while remaining anonymous. In fact, the municipal council will not know where the comments are coming from because all the answers obtained during a survey will be managed and decided by an independent professional.

Conversely, as soon as the municipal council has information to communicate, or in the event of a municipal public notice or an emergency relating to civil security, citizens will be notified immediately as the message will be communicated to them via their smartphone or by email.
The Council will have the correct information on what citizens think and the citizens will be informed directly and correctly by the source of information, which will prevent the circulation of biased or false information.
That is why I am asking you, once again, to sign up for the Connexion Potton Project. The more members there are, the more effective the project will be.

Kind regards.

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