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The information contained in this FAQ gives an overview of the rules in force in the territory of the municipality. They summarize the main provisions without, however, replacing the text of the official regulations.

When buying land, is there a maximum time limit to build ?

There is no time limit stipulated in our municipal bylaws.

Is it permissible to build a house on posts ?

According to article 17 of the construction bylaw 2001-293, posts may  be used to support less than 50% of the  surface area of a main building; the balance must rest on a poured concrete foundation.

Is the land I wish to purchase free of right-of-ways ?

This is a civil matter (Civil Code).  We suggest that you search the Quebec Land Registry online or visit the registry office.  Should you require assistance with this process, a professional, such as a notary could also be consulted.

May I build a fence on my land ?

Yes, however,  it is important to  consult the section regarding yards (articles 22 to 26) and the section on fences (articles 39 to 44) of the zoing bylaw for the standards that apply.

May I build a living space above my garage ?

If your property is located in a zone where the secondary use «guest house » is permitted (see Appendix 5: specification grid  of uses permitted per zone) a livable space above a private garage is authorized according to the normative framework of article 107 of the zoning bylaw.

May I install a temporary shelter (tempo) on my property ?

Between October 15th of the current year and April 15th of the following year, it is permitted to install two temporary shelters used for the storage of automobiles in the driveway to the parking area. Outside of  this period, the shelters must be removed.

How long does it take for a permit or certificate to be issued ?

Once all required documents have been provided, the inspector has a 30-day period to issue a certificate of authorization and 60 days to issue a building or subdivision permit. Files that must be treated by the CCU (Urban Advisory Committee) could have additional delays.

What are the minimum dimensions required for the construction of an isolated dwelling ?

Article 28 of the zoning bylaw stipulates:

Any main building other than buildings used for public purposes and mobile homes must comply with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum building size: 49 m² (527 ft²)
  • Minimum building width: 7.3 m (24 ft)
  • Minimum Depth of Building: 6.7 m (22 ft)

However, for a a semi-detached  or row house the minimum frontage  of a main building is 6.5 m (21.3 ft) and a  minimum  surface area of 42 m² (452 ft²).

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