Permit Application

If you plan to:

  • construct
  • extend
  • renovate
  • demolish or only repair a building
  • change your septic installations
  • dig a new well
  • make up a new access to your ground
  • install a swimming pool
  • put a sign
  • cut trees
  • install a wharf
  • dig an artificial pond
  • etc.

It is necessary for you to fill the general form:

as well as the appropriate annex according to your type of request (see below). On receipt of your written request and all necessary documents, the inspector will be able to treat your file. This manner of going about things speeds up the treatment of requests and avoids you a lot of worries.

Two inspectors are working for the municipality. Each treats different types of cases. To know whom you must contact for your plan, visit the section Urban planning and inspection.

In general, envisage four weeks to obtain a permit. Delays can be longer when approvals must be obtained from the provincial authorities, like the Corporation de l’Industrie touristique du Québec, the Ministère des Transports, the Ministère de la Faune, de la Forêt et des Parcs, the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte aux Changements climatiques, the Commission de Protection du Territoire Agricole.

Also, if you are located in a zone of PEAI (Plan of Establishment and Architectural Incorporation), your plans touching the outside aspect of a building and all modifications in the ground must be studied by the CCU* (an advisory board of urban planning). Additional delays are to expect. The village of Mansonville, the mount Owl’ s Head sector and hilly sectors are covered by the CCU*

In case of doubt, see the Regulations section or take an appointment with an inspector.
*CCU: In french “Comité Consultatif d’Urbanisme”


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