Work on Potton roads: June

Here’s what’s been done this month and what’s still to come. We’ll try to update this page weekly.

Update June 28:

  • Ditch maintenance on Knowlton-Landing Road and part of West Hill Road
  • Culvert replacement on Pipeline and Province Hill roads
  • Grading and dust suppression on Miltamore, Fitzsimmons, Laliberté, West Hill, Ruiter Brook, de la Mine, Lafond, de-l’Étang-Sugar Loaf and Mountain House roads.
  • Repair of an aqueduct break on chemin Neil-Armstrong
  • Start of paving work on chemin Carlton-Oliver

Update June 17 :

  • Work on Bellevue Road ditches
  • Ditch work on Owl’s Head Road
  • Dust suppressant on chemins de l’Aéroport, Bellevue, Province Hill, Leadville and Owl’s Head

Upcoming, week of June 17: Dust suppressant on West Hill, Ruiter Brook

Update June 4:

  • 4 culverts changed (2 on Girl’s Camp, 1 on Province Hill and 1 on Pipeline)
  • Grading carried out on problematic parts of roads
  • Ditch work on Girl’s Camp

Please note that there is no work on the roads on rainy days.

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